The Cell-IN commercial initiative is launched

Date: 31.03.2022

The Cell-IN initiative joins the commercialization projects carried out at the IPC PAS.

Cell-IN offers a reagent allowing the introduction of various types of macromolecules (from polymers, proteins, to DNA molecules) into mammalian cells.

The Cell-IN product works by disintegrating intracellular vesicles under osmotic shock. During disintegration, the probes inside the vesicles are released into the cell. Cell-IN was developed as an agent supporting this process - the nanostructure of the working solution proved to be crucial for the efficiency of introducing the cargos into the cytoplasm.

The favorable price characterizes Cell-IN products - due to low production costs and the possibility of choosing the product size adapted to specific experimental conditions.

Based on previous studies, Cell-IN has been validated for a wide range of probes (dyes, polymers, proteins, nucleic acids, nanoparticles) as well as cell types (normal, cancer, epithelial, mesenchymal cells). Cell-IN allows the introduction of cargo sizes ranging from single nanometers to more than 100 nm, which is a distinguishing feature in the market. Furthermore, the high viability (>80%) of cells treated with the Cell-IN procedure has been confirmed up to 3 days after the procedure.

The method of obtaining the product has already been submitted to the Patent Office: P.437320 (17/03/2021).

For more information about the Cell-IN initiative, please visit the Cell-IN website