Popularisation of science


For a number of years now, the Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences has been conducting laboratory classes in chemistry and physics for high schools students and last grades of primary schools. The classes are adapted to the age of the participants. We are not a commercial institution, we care about students' interest in science, therefore lessons and all kinds of meetings are free of charge. We invite schools to take lessons by prior appointment rluboradzki@ichf.edu.pl

We offer lessons:

  • Solids, liquids, gases and everything in between.
  • How do physicists and chemists look at life - why do biologists need physical chemistry?

Laboratory visits

It is possible to visit selected laboratories, where you can see modern research equipment and scientists in their 'natural environment'. Visits take place by appointment - a good solution is to combine the visit with a popular science lesson.


Roman Luboradzaki, Ph.D.
E-mail: rluboradzki@ichf.edu.pl