Doctoral studies

Who are they for?

We invite graduates with master’s degrees in chemistry, physics, material engineering and related fields of study, both experimentalists and theorists, with abilities in the natural and exact sciences, showing a strong motivation for research work.

Admission to the Studies depends on the outcome of an interview, which includes, depending on the candidate's educational profile, the basics of chemistry or physics at master's level. The candidate’s knowledge of English is also tested to the extent that it enables the presentation of their previous academic achievements.

What sort of studies are these?

The studies last four years. The study programme and the rules for granting scholarships are in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. There are affordable places in the Institute’s doctoral student's halls of residence.

What's next?

The best graduates of the International Doctoral Studies (IDS) are directed to foreign postdoctoral placements and after their return they can be employed first at the IPC PAS.

We offer

  • A high scientific level of research;
  • Modern research equipment and computer base;
  • Scientific cooperation with renowned research centres both in Poland and in Europe, the USA and Japan;
  • Domestic and foreign scientific and research placements under the IDS;
  • The opportunity to gain some teaching experience;
  • Frequent contact with the research supervisor;
  • A friendly and welcoming atmosphere

We propose interesting research topics on the border of physics and chemistry, including:

  • Nanotechnology and new materials;
  • Photochemistry, photophysics and molecular spectroscopy;
  • Physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces, solids, soft matter and supramolecular complexes;
  • Chemical kinetics and catalysis;
  • Thermodynamics and statistical mechanics;
  • Quantum chemistry, mathematical modelling of phenomena and molecular dynamics;
  • Electrochemistry, including mechanisms of electrode processes, electroanalysis and protection against corrosion;
  • Synthesis of new materials;
  • Environmental chemistry;
  • Astrochemistry
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