General Information

The Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS Library is a specialized scientific library with a rich collection of books in chemistry, physics, and related sciences. The majority of the collection is in languages other than Polish, mainly in English. We are a community library, open to all those who share an interest in the subject matter of our collection.

The Library collection includes

  • Approx. 31,000 volumes (books);
  • Approx. 37,000 copies of continuing resources publications (journals);
  • Approx. 900 journal titles (20 current subscriptions);
  • Approx. 600 doctoral and habilitation dissertations;
  • Approx. 32,000 specialized collection items (microfilms, microfiches, CDs);
  • On-line access to 33 databases (including approx. 6,800 e-journals and 51,000 e-books).

Link to the Library Catalogue

Link to the digital repository of doctoral and habilitation dissertations (RCIN)

The reading room

The reading room is open between 10 AM and 1 PM and on demand between 8 AM and 3 PM.

For persons external to the Institute, there is access to all library materials in the reading room, as well as through inter-library loans.

Inter-library loan service

The service is available during Library opening hours. The service can order various types of publications not available in our collection for Institute employees. Telephone: (22) 343 31 39, e-mail:

Science evaluation

The Library is in charge of the science evaluation and research assessment in the Institute, in particular the scientific publications. More information on this subject, along with guides and forms for employees can be found on the Intranet in the Science section and on the Library website.

Open Access

Information concerning the open-access publication of research papers can be found on the Library website.


Database news:

New databases available on SciFinder Discovery Platform:

CAS Analytical Methods - Database of analytical and synthetic methods along with materials, instrumentation and validation data, making it easy to compare them. User guide link.

CAS Formulus - Database of chemical formulations indexed from patents, journals and product insert databases. It enables searching for similar formulations and provides regulatory information from EU and USA. User guide link.

Both are accessible from the IPC computer network and share an account with SciFinder-n (registration is required through a link on the Library website)

Open Access news:

  • All free-of-charge open-access publishing programs are now back in operation.

  • The Institute of Physical Chemistry introduced a new Policy on Open Science. Open Science Project (PON) has been created to support funding open-access publications. New regulations can be found in the Science section of the Intranet.

You can find more information on Open Access publishing on the Library website.

IPC PAS Library website