This program will appeal to graduates (or eqivalent) degree in
chemistry, physics, as well as in related disciplines. We invite both experimentalists and theoreticians, with an aptitude and passion for natural and exact sciences.
The applicants are admitted to the Studies based on the result of an interview.

The interview covers, depending on the applicant's educational backround, the fundamentals of chemistry or physics, at the academic level. The candidate is also expected to be able to present, in English, his/her former scientific achievements. The next interview dates are July 3 and October 2, 2017, 9 a.m..
Recruitment poster
high quality research opportunities
state-of-the-art research equipment and computational facilities
scientific collaboration with renowned research centres in Europe, USA, and Japan
scientific and research training in Poland and abroad as a part of the International Doctoral Studies
possibility to aquire some teaching experience
frequent contacts with the research advisor
friendly and encouraging atmosphere.
We offer:
nanotechnology and new materials
photochemistry, photophysics and molecular spectroscopy
physical chemistry of solids, soft matter, and surface phenomena
molecular and supramolecular physical chemistry
chemical kinetics and catalysis
quantum chemistry, mathematical modelling of phenomena, and molecular dynamics
electrochemistry, including mechanisms of electrode processes, design of electrochemical bio- and chemosensors, and electrochemistry of materials
environmental chemistry
We propose interesting basic research topics in the following fields:
The duration of doctoral studies is four years. The doctoral study programme and the remuneration conform with the requirements of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Non-resident students are entitled to an accommodation allowance. The Institute offers rooms at reasonable prices in the Institute own lodging facilities. The best graduates from the International Doctoral Studies are referred to international postdoctoral positions and after return they are given priority of employment at the IPC PAS.
Candidates are kindly requested to contact the Secretariat of the Institute for additional information - concerning, in particular, the list of required documents.
In 2018, the interview will be held on October 1 at 9:00 A.M.
Secretariat, Institute of Chemical Physics, PAS
Kasprzaka 44/52, PL-01-224 Warsaw, POLAND
Phone.: +48 22 343 3133, Fax: +48 22 343 3333
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