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Physical Optics and Biophotonics Group (POB) Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, Warsaw, Poland

Funding institution

Narodowe Centrum Nauki

Project description

Project title, type and project number

Objętościowa rekonstrukcja obrazowa z filtracją nadmiarowej informacji fazowej, DAINA 2 nr 2020/38/L/ST2/00556, 34/2022

Project leader

Prof. dr hab. M. Wojtkowski


The aim of this project is to introduce and experimentally verify the authors’ original description of physical processes related to the influence of light with partial spatial coherence on image reconstruction in the presence of optical heterogeneity. The proposed research works will allow for better understanding of physical and technical limitations for the case of imaging with partially spatially coherent light in systems with phase-sensitive (interferometric or holographic) detection.

In this fundamental research program, we would like to solve one of the most basic problems of optics, which is in-vivo microscopic imaging in biological samples. The objective of this project is to broaden our knowledge about the image formation process in the presence of highly scattering media.

The leading hypothesis in this project is the assumption that it is possible to introduce spatial modulation of the phase of spatially coherent light in a controlled way to achieve noninvasive three-dimensional imaging reconstruction with quality of cross-sectional images comparable to that obtained by microscopy with spatially incoherent light.

Job description

Number of vacancies


Key responsibilities include

Successful candidate tasks:

  • Construction, rearranging and examination of optical setups;
  • Measurement data analysis
  • Maintenance of software developed for measuring stands and prototype instruments
  • Automation of iterative computational adaptive optics,
  • Preparing of training datasets and develop neural networks for computational aberration correction,
  • Combining and applying computational aberration correction with dynamic light modulation,
  • Presenting progress on conferences, internal group meetings, and seminars.
  • Data analysis, writing reports and scientific publications
  • Cooperation with researchers, including communication with English-speaking colleagues

Position in the project

Post- doc

Job type

• Type of contract: temporary • Status: full-time empoyment • Hours Per Week: 40


up to 11 000 PLN/month gross, depending on experience

Position starts on


Maximum planned period of contract/stipend agreement

36 months

We offer

  • a full contract (supported by NCN DAINA 2 „Objętościowa rekonstrukcja obrazowa z filtracją nadmiarowej informacji fazowej” grant nr 2020/38/L/ST2/00556 with prolongation option depending on project regulations and funds);
  • competitive salary (up to 11 000 PLN/month gross, depending on experience);
  • opportunity to work in interdisciplinary research department with strong support from chemistry and physics groups within the Institute;
  • collaboration with industrial and research partners.

Career development prospects at IPC PAS

  • The successful candidate will be part of a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team. He/She will have the possibility to broaden his/her knowledge and confront themselves with new tasks resulting in new technical solutions and applications. See also:; 
  • Institute provides opportunity to participate in the ERASMUS + programme.

Scientific discipline

PhD in physics/engineering, specialized in optics

Scientific profile of a candidate

Recognised Researcher (R2)


  • PhD degree in physics/engineering (optics, automatics, informatics, electronics) obtained not earlier than 7 years before starting working for the project.
  • Computer programming advanced skills (Python, Matlab, C++),
  • Prior experience of implementing and using deep learning algorithms with TensorFlow, Keras API or any other equivalent library
  • Creativity and enthusiasm measured by the quality and number of projects, study record, internships, authorship in peer-reviewed publications and patents in which the Candidate participated and contributed.
  • Analytical thinking and critical problem solving skills
  • Excellent communication, organization and time management skills
  • Experimental experience in optical physics
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Flexibility and ability to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural research team
  • Direct experience with optical imaging is an asset

We are looking for a 1st person (co-investigator) who will be responsible for most of the theoretical work, computer simulations, programming of data acquisition and final data processing. She/he will also actively take part in conducting experiments, writing publications, patents etc. Coinvestigator is supposed to "generate" 40% of all results required to solve all three scientific tasks.

Development of dynamic spatial coherence theory, optimization of phase masks, creating algorithms, writing software for data acquisition and data processing, constructing initial optical set-up for experimental verification of the model.

We are looking for a 2nd  co-investigator who will be responsible for the most of experimental optical actions, construction of experimental instruments and performing all required optimization. She/he will lead in conducting experiments as well as writing publications, patents etc. Tasks: Construction of optical STOC-FD-FF-OCT set-ups, design and construction of systems using alternative spatial light modulators (multimode fibers), development of high speed imaging instruments using spatial phase modulators, development of multimodal instrumentation using STOC and standard microscope, conducting experiments and performing data analysis, preparation of phantoms.

Key assessment criteria

The Commission will take into account the following criteria:

  • Competence for specific tasks in a research project
  • Previous scientific achievements (publication record, H-index etc.)
  • References
  • Candidate’s participation in research projects
Required documents

Complete application should include the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Scan or photocopy of the candidate's PhD  diploma;
  • Description of achievements with an emphasis on projects, tasks dealt with, publications (if applicable) etc. related to the required substantial qualifications;
Recruitment procedure

The position will be awarded in accordance with the Employment policy of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS; Candidates may become acquainted with the employment policy at the IPC PAS on: The Institute is also committed to employment equality (esp. European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers) and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates fulfilling the requirements specified in this announcement.

Recruitment Committee will analyze received applications. Selected candidates will be invited to for an interview in person or online between 17/10 and 22/10. We reserve the right to contact selected candidates only.

  • One candidate will be chosen.
  • The results of the competition are made public.
  • The results of the recruitment will be announced not later than 31th October 2022.

If the top candidate does not sign the contract, due to the resignation, we reserve the right to choose the next candidate from the ranking list.

Candidates  who  have  been  issued  a  negative  opinion  by  the  Competition  Committee  or  candidates  not selected for employment have the right to appeal against the evaluation results. The appeal shall be  lodged  with  the  Director  of  the  Institute  within  7  days  from  the  date  of  receipt  of  the  appropriate information. The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final.

Expected start date of working in-situ is 01st November  2022 depending on candidates availability.

Apply via email:, IMPORTANT: email title “Rekrutacja nr 34_2022”.

Additional information

Application deadline

15.10.2022 23:59

Deadline for the settlement of the competition


Archival announcement. We would like to thank all candidates for their submitted applications.

Date of announcement: 9.09.2022

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