24th Science Picnic

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24th Science Picnic

The Institute took part in the 24th Science Picnic "Climate and We".

 The title of this year's picnic seems to be specially tailored to fit the  research activities of many research groups in IPC. We have prepared a video about cleaning the air and water from various types of pollution, as well as a presentation on the formation of smog and experiment showing greenhouse effect.

Videos made with cooperation with Environmental Chemistry Group, Catalysis for sustainable energy production and environmental protection and Modern Heterogenous Catalysis are available on the Copernicus Science Centre, and  on the Institute YT chanal.



The Institute also organized a virtual meeting with an expert dealing with smog issues, Dr. Jakub Jędrak, using the zoom platform.

  • Author: Dr Roman Luboradzki
  • Date: 13.05.2021