Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy

  • Laboratory leader: dr hab. Piotr Bernatowicz
  • Name: Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy

Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy is specialized in high quality investigations of molecular dynamics both in solids and liquids. Nuclear spin relaxation methods and lineshape analysis are employed to this end.

We can perform NMR measurements between -130 and +130o C using CP/MAS technique for powder samples. On request we perform analysis of the acquired CP/MAS spectra with our in-house-written software, which allows for determination  of hermitian parts of chemical shielding anisotropy tensors. We have also possibility to acquire so-called wideline spectra of powder samples between 4.2K and room temperature. In exceptional cases we can acquire spectra of oriented monocrystals in similar temperature range.

In isotropic liquids we perform standard 1D and 2D spectra required for determination of chemical structure, but we also perform high quality translational diffusion measurements using DOSY technique between -150 and +80oC.

Liquid state measurements are performed on 300 MHz BRUKER AVANCE II machine while solids are measured on 500 MHz BRUKER AVANCE II spectrometer. Our 300 MHz machine allows also for introducing UV/VIS laser light to the NMR sample tube. Our advantage is a possibility of performing long-lasting NMR experiments at very low temperatures both in solids and liquids.


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