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Institute of Physical Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences

Funding institution

National Science Centre

Project description

Project title, type and project number

Sonata Bis 6 project no. 2016/22/E/ST2/00558 “Evolution of gene regulation as a stochastic process: Savageau's demand theory, cost of regulation and noise”, 12/2021

Project leader

dr hab. Anna Ochab-Marcinek


The aim of the project is to theoretically model the evolution of gene regulation taking into account stochastic gene expression.

Job description

Number of vacancies


Key responsibilities include

Theoretical modeling (analytical and numerical calculations, simulations) within the project's tasks:

  • Study of the evolution of gene regulation in a static fitness landscape for the stochastic model of gene expression with a self-regulated regulatory gene
  • Study of the evolution of gene regulation in a switching fitness landscape

Position in the project

student – scholarship position

Job type



1000 PLN per month

Position starts on


Maximum planned period of contract/stipend agreement

17 months

We offer

Possibility of publication of research papers in recognized international journals. Possibility of preparing an M. Sc. thesis.

Career development prospects at IPC PAS

The successful candidate will be part of a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team. She/He will have the possibility to broaden their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in research at the border between biology, physics, and applied mathematics.

Institute provides an opportunity to participate in ERASMUS+ programme.


Scientific discipline

Physics, Mathematical physics, Statistical physics, Biophysics

Scientific profile of a candidate

First Stage Researcher (R1)


1. The candidate shall be a student of intramural or  extramural second  degree studies, or should be a  student of at least the  fourth year of  intramural or  extramural uniform  master’s studies.

2. The candidate shall be a student of  physics, informatics, bioinformatics, mathematics, or related disciplines.

3. The candidate shall have:

a) Good knowledge of calculus and programming. Knowledge Python or C++ or symbolic algebra software will be an asset. Depending on the educational background, the knowledge of fundamentals of chemistry or physics, at the academic level.

b) Good command of English.

Key assessment criteria

  • Scientific achievements of a young scientist, including publications in reputable publishing houses / scientific journals journals (50% of final grade);
  • Awards resulting from conducting scientific research, scholarships, awards and scientific experience gained outside the parent research unit in the country or abroad, workshops and scientific training, participation in research projects journals (50% of final grade);
Required documents
  • Scientific curriculum vitae, including a list of scientific achievements (scholarships, publications, patents, conference presentations, etc.)
  • Recommendation letter(s). At least one opinion of the candidate from a specialist in a relevant field of science.
Recruitment procedure

The scholarship will be awarded in accordance with the rules defined by National Science Center’s document "Regulamin przyznawania stypendiów naukowych dla młodych naukowców w projektach badawczych oraz regulamin przyznawania stypendiów naukowych dla młodych naukowców w ramach stypendiów doktorskich ETIUDA finansowanych ze środków Narodowego Centrum Nauki." 
and in accordance with the  Employment policy of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS

There will be two stages of recruitment: In the first stage, the candidates will be assessed based on submitted documents. The incomplete applications will not be considered. Among the candidates who received high marks in the assessment, the Competition Commission will select the best candidates. The best candidates who meet the Competition requirements will be invited for the online interview (second stage).

The commission evaluates applications on a point scale. The scholarship is awarded to the first person on the ranking list, which received the highest score. In the event that the winner of the Competition resigns from signing the scholarship agreement, the scholarship may be awarded to the next person from the ranking list. The results of the competition are made public.

Additional information

Planned online interviews:  18.05.2021
Scheduled date of starting work within the project: 01.06.2021

How to Apply: Send application directly to;

IMPORTANT! email subject: “Recruitment no. 12/2021”

Contact person: dr hab. Anna Ochab-Marcinek,


Application deadline

14.05.2021 23:00

Deadline for the settlement of the competition


Archival announcement. We would like to thank all candidates for their submitted applications.

Date of announcement: 20.04.2021

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