Surface Nanoengineering for chemo- and bio-sensors

Research group no. 4

Surface Nanoengineering for chemo- and bio-sensors

Group leader

prof. dr hab. inż. Joanna Niedziółka-Jönsson

Research topics

Our group is focused on analytical chemistry, and in particular surface modification of signal transducers to study molecular interaction. For this purpose, it is necessary to search for new materials and / or modify their surface properties and apply appropriate detection methods. The synthesis and modification of metallic nanoparticles is of particular importance because these can be used as optical signal transducers due to their localized surface plasmon resonance, connecting chemical processes with detection techniques such as fluorescence microscopy and UV-spectrophotometry as well as in electrochemical methods.


  • dr Katarzyna Szot-Karpińska
  • mgr inż. Paulina Musolf
  • mgr Wiktoria Zacheja


Sulowska, K., Roźniecka, E., Wiwatowski, K., Janczuk-Richter, M., Jönsson-Niedziółka, M., Niedziółka-Jönsson, J., & Mackowski, S.
Patterned silver island paths as high-contrast optical sensing platforms.
Materials Science and Engineering: B,

Filik, K., Szermer-Olearnik, B., Niedziółka-Jönson, J., Roźniecka, E., Ciekot, J., Pyra, A., Matyjaszczyk, I., Skurnik, M., & Brzozowska, E.
φYeO3-12 phage tail fiber Gp17 as a promising high specific tool for recognition of Yersinia enterocolitica pathogenic serotype O:3.
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