Plasmonic nanostructures for bio-spectroscopic analysis

Research group no. 1

Plasmonic nanostructures for bio-spectroscopic analysis

Group leader

dr hab. Agnieszka Michota-Kamińska, prof. Instytutu

Research topics

Application of spectroscopic methods (SERS, Raman, UV-Vis) for:

  • identification of pathogenic fungi from skin samples,
  • detection of pathogenic bacteria from physiological fluids, i.e. blood plasma, urine and cerebrospinal fluid,
  • detection of pathogenic bacteria from food in accordance with ISO standards,
  • direct detection and quantification of immunomarkers in body fluids, and
  • detection of cancer cells circulating in the blood, including analysis on clinical samples.

For the analysis of the obtained spectral data of complex biological systems from clinical samples and their quantitative assessment,
the numerical chemometric methods based, among others, on the analysis of the main components are applied. 


  • mgr Berus Sylwia
  • mgr Czaplicka Marta
  • mgr Deskur Tomiła
  • mgr Niciński Krzysztof
  • dr inż. Nowicka Ariadna
  • dr inż. Szymborski Tomasz
  • dr Witkowska-Iwan Evelin



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