Phase behaviour and dynamics in polymer solutions

Research group no. 5

Phase behaviour and dynamics in polymer solutions

Group leader

dr hab. Jacek Gregorowicz, prof. Instytutu

Research topics

Task 1: Properties of amphiphilic dendritic polymers. In particular we aim at understanding how topology and structure of core and chemical character of terminal groups of dendritic polymers influence its properties in solutions, condensed phases, at the air/water interface and on the solid substrates.

Task 2: Properties of ionic liquid as solvents. We investigate ionic surfactants aggregation in dilute solutions (micellization) and formation of lyotropic liquid crystalline phases in condensed solutions. We aim at understanding how structure of a surfactant, structure of an ionic liquid and water present in a system influence the aggregation process.


  • dr inż. Andrzej Żywociński