Nuclear Hyperpolarization of Molecular Systems and Nanomaterials

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Nuclear Hyperpolarization of Molecular Systems and Nanomaterials

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Based in the IPC Pas, the Ratajczyk group has extensive research interests in the areas of NMR spectroscopy development and applications, with our primary interest being in practical NMR utilization for chemistry and material sciences. NMR methodology involves development of hyperpolarization and NMR-light based techniques. NMR utilization involves comprehensive characterization of various functional materials and molecules and investigation of different molecular processes, in particular, hydrogen bonding and photoreactions.


  • dr Kristina Kristinaityte
  • dr Adam Mames
  • dr Mariusz Pietrzak
  • dr Mateusz Urbańczyk



T. Ratajczyk, G. Buntkowsky, T. Gutmann, B. Fedorczyk, A. Mames, M. Pietrzak, Z. Puzio, P. G. Szkudlarek,

Magnetic Resonance Signal Amplification by Reversible Exchange of Selective PyFALGEA Oligopeptide Ligands Towards Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors

ChemBioChem 2021, 22, 855,

Pietrzak, M., Jopa, S., Mames, A., Urbańczyk, M., Woźny, M., & Ratajczyk, T.

Recent Progress in Liquid State Electrochemistry Coupled with NMR Spectroscopy.