Microfluidics and Complex Fluids Research Group

Research group no. 11

Microfluidics and Complex Fluids Research Group

Group leader

prof. dr hab. Piotr Garstecki

Research topics

Team 11 carries out research on microfluidic techniques used in chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology. At the core of our scientific interests are two-phase flows, i.e. micro-scale fluid flows which don’t mix together. Through manipulation of these immiscible flows, we can very rapidly establish optimal conditions for chemical synthesis, determine antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria, and examine the evolution of bacteria under different chemical conditions. We also create solutions for medical diagnostics.


  • mgr Shakeel Ahmad
  • mgr Muge Bilgen
  • dr inż. Magdalena Czekalska 
  • dr Ladislav Derzsi 
  • dr Ilona Foik
  • mgr Paweł Garguliński
  • mgr Justyna Gruszka
  • dr inż. Paweł Jankowski
  • mgr Yu-Ting Kao 
  • mgr inż. Łukasz Kozoń
  • mgr Yu-Kai Lai 
  • mgr Francesco Nalin 
  • dr Dominika Ogończyk 
  • mgr Natalia Pacocha 
  • dr inż. Witold Postek
  • dr Yurii Promovych 
  • mgr Artur Ruszczak
  • dr Adam Samborski
  • mgr Shreyas Vasantham
  • dr Marcin Równicki
  • mgr inż. Kinga Głuchowska
  • mgr inż. Agnieszka Koszewska


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