Laser Centre

Research group no. 27

Laser Centre

Group leader

dr hab. Yuriy Stepanenko

Research topics

The team of the Laser Centre is focused on constructing novel sources for ultrafast light pulses generation and studying interactions of such pulses with condensed matter. In recent years, we have been focused on building all-fiber ultrafast lasers and high peak power (terawatt) lasers. These custom made light sources have been often used in our second main research task – ultrafast laser spectroscopy. We study intermolecular interactions and chemical reactions in solutions with use techniques such as femtosecond stimulated Raman scattering (FSRS), transient absorption in visible (TA) and infrared (fs-IR) ranges and fluorescence upconversion (FLUP).


  • dr Sylwester Gawinkowski 
  • dr Fatemeh Ghasemi
  • dr inż. Katarzyna Krupa 
  • dr Michał Nejbauer 
  • dr inż. Marcin Pastorczak 
  • mgr inż Patryk Pyrcz



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