Environmental Chemistry Group

Research group no. 17

Environmental Chemistry Group

Group leader

dr hab. Inż. Rafał Szmigielski

Research topics

The Environmental Chemistry Group fosters the research in two parallel directions:
I.  Chemistry vs. smog: chemical composition, physicochemical properties, and health effects of atmospheric particles (SOA)
We conduct our studies using an array of laboratory tools, including hyphenated mass spectrometry (GC/MS, LC/MS), smog chamber, organic synthesis, biochemical assays as well as field measurements.
II.  Chemistry in ecosystems: Insect-insect and insect-plant interaction in forest environment
We characterize a chemical profile of signaling impulses (e.g. pheromones), which are behind insect and plant communications, using an array of chemical (GC/MS, SPME, GC/FID, organic synthesis), bioanalytical (olfactometry, electroantennography, wind tunnel) forest campaigns.


  • mgr Faria Khan 
  • mgr inż. Agata Kołodziejczyk 
  • mgr Kumar Sarang 
  • mgr Klara Nestorowicz
  • dr Krzysztof Rudziński
  • mgr Aleksandra Wróblewska
  • dr inż.. Monika Asztemborska