Digital manufacturing of biomimetic systems

Research group no. 32

Digital manufacturing of biomimetic systems

Group leader

dr Marco Costantini

Research topics

The core research activities of the group consist in exploring the landscape of digital manufacturing technologies and exploit them to manufacture materials inspired by nature. The group operates at the convergence of chemistry, biology, engineering, and materials science. Currently, our research is focused on two research lines: i) one devoted to the generation of functional models of tissues/organs using microfluidic-assisted biofabrication approaches, and ii) the other focused on integrating machine learning tools in the design and fabrication process of innovative porous materials with unprecedented physico-chemical properties.


  • dr Marco Costantini
  • dr Dario Presutti
  • mgr Nehar Celikkin
  • mgr Maria Celeste Tirelli
  • mgr Abhishek Viswanath


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