Chemistry in Confined Spaces

Research group no. 7

Chemistry in Confined Spaces

Group leader

dr hab. Sashuk Volodymyr

Research topics

Our research concerns confined matter. We wonder how molecules and larger particles behave in the restricted space they create. We are particularly interested in the use of these changes, which occur autonomously or under the influence of external stimuli, for self-assembly, catalysis and creation of functional systems.


  • mgr inż. Sandra Kosiorek
  • mgr Mykola Kravets
  • dr Nazar Rad
  • mgr Grzegorz Sobczak
  • mgr inż. Magdalena Szewczyk


Switchable catalysis

We are interested in catalysis toggled (switched on and off) in response to external stimuli,  especially when it happens due to geometric constraints. We introduced a new concept of controlling chemical reactions by light through the reversible hiding of catalytic centers within a crowded chemical environment.

Supramolecular chemistry

We study the reactivity of chemical species arrested in supramolecular cavities or interligand and interparticle spaces. We also develop new colloidal and supramolecular systems and use them in molecular recognition.

Dynamic and responsive systems

We employ confinement effects induced by external triggers for assembling colloids and supramolecular structures in a reversible fashion.


We have a wide range of instrumental tools and lab equipment facilitating our research.


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Wiloch, M. Z., Kuna, E., Kosiorek, S., Sashuk, V., & Jonsson-Niedziolka, M.
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  • dr Oksana Danylyuk - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
  • Prof. Marcin Fiałkowski - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
  • Prof. Daniel Gryko - Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS
  • Prof. Marcin Opałło - Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
  • Prof. Agnieszka Szumna - Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS


2017-2020 OPUS (NCN)

"Allosteric photoregulation in macrocyclic hosts" ( 1 296 160 PLN).

2015-2020 SONATA BIS (NCN)

"Photoswitchable catalysis on the surface of colloidal particles" (1 671 190 PLN).

2013-2015 Iuventus Plus III (MNiSW)

"Synthesis of pillar[n]arene derivatives for molecular recognition in water" (245 000 PLN).

2012-2013 Iuventus Plus II (MNiSW)

 "Charged nanoparticles at interfaces: controlled integration in two dimensions" (116 200 PLN). 

2011-2014 SONATA (NCN)

"Self-assembly of nanoparticles at fluid interfaces: towards new nanostructured materials" (509 600 PLN). 

2010-2011 Iuventus Plus I (MNiSW)

"The use of metathesis for the preparation of nanocomposite materials" (200 000 PLN).