Charge transfer processes in hydrodynamic systems

Research group no. 14

Charge transfer processes in hydrodynamic systems

Group leader

dr hab. Martin Jönsson-Niedziółka

Research topics

The research group is working in many aspects of electrochemistry in hydrodynamic (such as microfluidics, etc) and static systems. We have two main branches of our research; studies of ion transfer between immiscible liquids, and studies of biologically relevant electrochemical processes for example by enzyme catalysis, peptides and in cell cultures.


  • Dr Emilia Witkowska-Nery
  • Dr Magdalena Z. Wiloch
  • Dr Ewelina Kuna
  • Dr Bren Mark B Felisilda
  • MSc Marta Podrażka
  • MSc Karthika Kappalakandy Valapil
  • MSc Elżbieta Jarosińska
  • MSc Andrzej Krześniak



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