Catalysis for sustainable energy production and environmental protection

Research group no. 28

Catalysis for sustainable energy production and environmental protection

Group leader

dr hab. inż. Juan Carlos Colmenares Quintero

Research topics

Thermo-catalytic, Sono-catalytic and Photo-catalytic valorisation of all kinds of organic wastes (including CO2) in water and air. Production of high value added chemicals (e.g. solar fuels, intermediates for the pharmaceutical and food industries) from organic wastes. Rational design and synthesis of new functional nanostructured catalysts (using unconventional methods, e.g. methods using ultrasound and / or photon energy) for water and air purification processes, and hydrogen production.


  • mgr Ayesha Khan 
  • dr inż. Dariusz Łomot 
  • mgr Swaraj Pradhan 
  • mgr Abdul Qayyum
  • mgr Karolina Kawka



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