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Assembly for operando studies
AXS, Hiden Analytical, IPC PAS, and others
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Research group:
Team 16. Structure of nanocrystals and their dynamics triggered by surface chemical reactions

An assembly for studying the structure of powder materials by diffractometric methods with simultaneous analysis of the gas atmosphere during chemical reactions by mass spectrometry. Information is obtained about the crystallographic phases and chemical reactions in which they take part. The assembly is fully controlled by the distributed local network. The lab includes a sensitive X- ray diffractometer with a LynxEye belt counter (Bruker), a mass spectrometer (Hiden), a gas flow controllers (MKS), temperature controllers (Lumel, Omega), pressure measurement etc. The diffractometric analysis includes the possibility of recording subtle phase and surface changes of nanocrystalline materials. Temperature range - from -198oC to 550oC, pressure -10-2 Tr to 1 atm. Experiments completely programmed with the help of S.O. Linux scripts.


dr hab. Zbigniew Kaszkur