Offer no. 3/15

Method of synchronization of pulsed lasers

  • Summary:

    The invention describes the method of synchronization of pulsed laser with the substatential difference in the repetiion rate.

  • Inventors:
    Paweł Wnuk, Yuriy Stepanenko, Michał Nejbauer, Czesław Radzewicz, Piotr Skibiński, Jan Szczepanek
  • Advantages / Innovative aspects:
    • The method allows to synchronize two lasers sources with relative jitter on the level of 25 ps,
    • The method describes purely electronic synchronization, which is much more cheper than the optical synchronization.
  • Keywords:
    laser, electronic sychronization
  • Field:
  • Usage:

    All laser amplifier systems, especially optical parametric amplifiers with electronic synchronization, Automation, Laser technology

  • State of the progress:
    stage of readiness to introduction
  • Intellectual property rights:
    Patent in Poland
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