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The method of the synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles

  • Summary:

    The IPR covered by national patent application (P-402624). This invention relates to a method for the preparation of nanostructured ZnO materials for applications in biomedicine and photovoltaics. Where the foreground is capable of industrial or commercial application the owner will adopt measures for its adequate and effective protection. Therefore, any promising results for new products and/or new methods of synthesis elaborated during the project will be the subject of further patent applications.

  • Inventors:
    Janusz Lewiński, Kamil Sokołowski, Michał Leszczyński, Karolina Zelga
  • Advantages / Innovative aspects:
    • Control over the size and shape of nanoparticles
    • Biocompatibility and biodegradibility
    • Stability of physicochemical properties
    • Simplicity of functionalization
    • Purity of the material
  • Keywords:
    PZnO, nanoparticles, luminescence, bioimaging, photovoltaics
  • Field:
  • Usage:

    Semiconductors, Fuel batteries, Hydrogen production, Solar power (photovoltaic cells), Inorganic chemistry, Mikro. and Nano.technologies, Bacteriology, Diagnostics, Pharmacy and Medicines, Cell and molecular biology, Microbiology

  • State of the progress:
    stage of development
  • Intellectual property rights:
    Patent in Poland, Co-owner Warsaw University of Technology
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