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Covering of nanostructured calcite crystals with α-cyclodextrin

  • Summary:

    The presented method allows for production of very stable and ordered CaCO3 crystallites (calcite), which can be further covered with monolayers of α-cyclodextrin. It was found that single crystallite size estimated form Scherrer equation (XRD measurements) was about 30 nm in diameter. Such particle diameters have been also seen on the SEM micrographs and confirmed by the dynamic light scattering (DLS) method. The method allows for covering of the obtained CaCO3 nanocrystals with monolayers of α-cyclodextrin. Maximal covering (1.15 %) of the nanostructured calcium carbonate with monolayers of α-cyclodextrin has been obtained for the use of the 36.79 mM initial α-cyclodextrin aqueous solution (unimodal α-cyclodextrin aggregates of 372.6 nm), which has been further shaken for 24 h, in the proper proportion (25 mg of the 36.79 mM α-cyclodextrin aqueous solution with 50 mg of the nanostructured calcium carbonate) with the nanostructured calcite crystals.

  • Inventors:
    Małgorzata Wszelaka-Rylik, Katarzyna Piotrowska, Paweł Gierycz
  • Advantages / Innovative aspects:
    • Production of very stable and ordered CaCO3 crystallites (calcite).
    • Obtaining of the proper (372.6 nm) α-cyclodextrin aggregates.
    • Covering of the obtained nanostructured calcium carbonate with monolayers of α-cyclodextrin.
  • Keywords:
    Nanostructured calcium carbonate, α-cyclodextrin, surface covering, monolayer
  • Field:
  • Usage:

    Micro. and Nano.technologies, Pharmaceutics, Special substance, Chemicals

  • State of the progress:
    stage of readiness to introduction
  • Intellectual property rights:
    Patent in Poland
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