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Method of protein immobilization, especially myoglobin, on the surface of conducting or semiconducting electrode, method of preparation of polymer molecularly imprinted with the immobilized protein, the polymer film recognizing the protein and its appli

  • Summary:

    The invention consists of the procedure of preparation of a polymer film molecularly imprinted with protein preparation and the method of its application for preparation of a chemosensor capable of selective determination of this protein. First, an inner polymer film with immobilized protein is deposited. Next, an outer polymer film of the bis(2,2'-bithien-5-yl)methylbenzoic acid monomer is electrochemically deposited around the protein forming a layer of the polymer molecularly imprinted with the protein. After subsequent protein extraction, so prepared polymer film is used as a recognition unit of a chemosensor. As an example of invention application, a chemosensor capable of myoglobin determination was prepared. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was used as the transduction technique in this chemosensor.

  • Inventors:
    Marta Sosnowska, Francis D'Souza, Włodzimierz Kutner
  • Advantages / Innovative aspects:
    • Proposed methods allows for imprinting of protein of native conformation into the polymer that can be synthesized only in an organic solvent.
    • Using conducting polymers for preparation of chemosensors recognition unit allows for detection based on different transduction techniques.
  • Keywords:
    molecularly imprinted polymer, myoglobin, chemosensor, chemical sensor, conducting polymer, electropolymerization, neutravidin, avidin, biotin
  • Field:
  • Usage:

    Plastics, Polymers, Analytical chemistry, Clinical research, Diagnostics, Health Service, Measuring sensors, Chemical techniques

  • State of the progress:
    stage of research
  • Intellectual property rights:
    Patent application in Poland
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