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Method of determination of gasoline aging level and its application to fuel quality estimation

  • Summary:

    Invention describes method of determination of gasoline aging, as well as its application for estimation of gasoline quality during storage. Measurements are performed by using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, which allows recording of impedance spectra in the form of Nyquist plot, i.e. plot of imaginary component of impedance, Zim, as a function of real component of impedance, Zre.  Analysis of this plot allows for calculation of parameters characteristic for state of the studied gasoline and allowing for determination of their aging level from early stages of the process.

  • Inventors:
    Krzysztof Noworyta, Piotr Bocian, Paweł Bukrejewski, Krzysztof Biernat
  • Advantages / Innovative aspects:
    • Fast measurement,
    • Possible simultaneous analysis of multiple gasoline parameters,
    • Possibility of the measurement automation,
    • Measurement allows for observation of changes visible at the early stage of aging process.
  • Keywords:
    gasolines, aging, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • Field:
  • Usage:
    • Quality control during prolonged storage,
    • Estimation of gasoline quality before purchase.
  • State of the progress:
    stage of research
  • Intellectual property rights:
    Patent application in Poland
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