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Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, Team 9

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We are looking for a candidate with extensive experience in the molecular and crystal structure characterization of metal complexes using single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods. The selected person will be employed as an assistant professor and involved in in the research topics of the Team 9. In particular, the research topics will include: (i) characterization of the molecular and supramolecular structure of metal complexes based on X-ray techniques; ii) analysis of electronic and steric factors determining the molecular structure of metal complexes based on the experimental results obtained as well as  with the use of available crystallographic databases, and iii) the study of dynamic phenomena in molecular crystals. An integral part of the research will be the design of organometallic complexes as model systems for the activation of small molecules or precursors of functional materials, and the preparation of structurally and morphologically designed crystalline inorganic-organic materials. The employed scientist will cooperate with other experienced researchers in the team and will supervise students.

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Remuneration: financed by IPC PAS and benefits in the form of private health care insurance.

Others: work in a dynamically developing team and access to research infrastructure.



  • Completed university studies in the field of chemistry, academic degree: PhD, in the discipline of chemistry.
  • Required competencies: (i) min. 5 years of experience in the field of broadly understood chemical crystallography; in particular very good knowledge of structural studies by single crystal X-ray diffraction; (ii) fundamental knowledge in the field of crystal/co-crystal design; (iii) experience in the study of phase transitions and structural transformations in the molecular crystals; (iv) fundamental knowledge in the field coordination and supramolecular chemistry; (iv) experience in working with organometallic compounds using the Schlenk technique; (v) experience in managing research projects financed from external sources.
  • Desired competencies: desirable competences: experience in management in research units, experience in working in a large team, e.g.:

Key assessment criteria

  • Creativity measured by the quality and number of scientific publications in which the candidate is the first author, corresponding author or significant author;
  • Creativity measured by the quality and number of research projects the candidate has led and publications resulting from the implementation of those projects;
  • Mobility in the candidate's career (research internships, change in scientific profile);
  • An opinion of the candidate, issued by an independent researcher, a specialist in the field of;
  • Experience in the implementation / coordination of research projects and successes in obtaining grants.

When assessing the candidate's achievements the Competition Committee will take into account breaks in research work (e.g. maternity leave, internships in industry etc.) and will convert the indicated achievements of the candidate into effective years of research [1].

As part of the competition procedure, selected Candidates may be invited for an interview or be asked to publicly present the results of their previous work in the form of a seminar at the IPC PAS and / or additional explanations.

[1] Information on breaks in the candidate's research work should be included in the CV.

Required documents
  • CV (including contact details i.e. correspondence address or e-mail address and telephone number);
  • Motivational letter (not exceeding 3,500 characters), containing concise information about scientific/professional interests, previous achievements pointing out the three most important, any participation in projects and the candidate's own intentions;
  • At least one opinion of the candidate, issued by an independent researcher;
  • A list of publications  indicating a maximum of 5 of the most important studies carried out in the last 5-10 years of the candidate's research work [1], patent applications, patents, implementations, research projects;
  • The number of citations of publications without self-citations, the h index and the number of years worked effectively in science (after deduction of breaks);
  • A list of research projects (also application, implementation), which were headed by the candidate or where he/she was the main researcher and 1-3 most important publications that were a result of the implementation of this project, or other tangible results of the project;
  • The candidate's declaration that he/she has become acquainted with the General Rules Governing Competitions for Research Posts at the IPC PAS in Warsaw.

[1] After deduction of breaks in the candidate's research work.

Additional information

Method of submitting applications:

Please write  in the title of the e-mail : "Recruitment no 62/2021".

Candidates who have been issued a negative opinion by the Competition Committee or candidates not selected for employment have the right to appeal against the results of the evaluation. The appeal shall be lodged with the Director of the Institute within 7 days from the date of receipt of the appropriate information. The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final.

Candidates may become acquainted with the General Rules Governing Competitions for Research Posts at  the IPC PAS on (enter website) and the employment policy at the IPC PAS on (enter website)


Application deadline

2.12.2021 14:00

Deadline for the settlement of the competition


Archival announcement. We would like to thank all candidates for their submitted applications.

Date of announcement: 10.11.2021

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