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Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS (Spectroscopic and Microscopic (STM/AFM) Studies of Intermolecular Interactions Group)

Funding institution

National Science Centre

Project description

Project title, type and project number

Novel nanocatalysts in the continuous - flow selective hydrogenation processes towards formation of pharmaceutical intermediates, OPUS 17 Project No. 2019/33/B/ST5/01271, 6/2022

Project leader

dr hab. Anna Śrębowata


The main goal of the OPUS 17 project is to create a fundamental basis for the synthesis of novel and economical nano-catalysts for the production of high-value chemicals such as vitamin and drug precursors. The research strategy focuses on developing readily available 3d transition metals (Co, Cu, Fe) supported on active carbons, beta zeolites, resins and hydrotalcite, which are active in continuous-flow hydrogenation of the precursors of relevance to the fine and pharmaceutical industries. The project’s primary result is to create a relationship between the structure of catalysts and their reactivity in the continuous flow hydrogenation processes towards the formation of  pharmaceutical intermediates. This project is a part of the current global trend in green chemistry research, which concentrates on affording simplified workup and large-scale synthesis (scalability), handling various substrates in sequence with the same catalyst, and reducing catalyst amount.

Job description

Number of vacancies


Key responsibilities include

Postdoc will be recruited to participate in all parts of the project, especially including:

  • the synthesis of new catalysts,
  • the thorough characterization of the catalysts by physicochemical methods,
  • catalytic tests in a modern high-pressure reactor,
  • data analysis, writing reports and scientific publications,
  • scientific initiative and contribution through regular reporting and publishing, as well as presenting at group meetings, national and international conferences;
  • providing help and supervision to junior members of the group;
  • contribution to the efficient functioning of the lab, including necessary administrative tasks.

Position in the project

Post-doc position

Job type

Full-time employment Type of contract: temporary Hours Per Week: 40


10 000 PLN/month That is the gross/gross amount including employer's expense. It would be the subject of taxes, social and health insurances and other legal deductions according to polish law.

Position starts on


Maximum planned period of contract/stipend agreement

15-month full time work contract

We offer

  • 15-month full time work contract;
  • Work in the outstanding scientific institution in the dynamic research group;
  • Engagement into an ambitious research program and possibility to build the academic career.

Career development prospects at IPC PAS

We offer work in a young, dynamically developing team with modern research infrastructure. Funds are allocated to cover participation in international conferences and for short visits in collaborating laboratories.

The successful candidate will be able to take advantage of all programs in the IPC PAS, including Young Scientists of IPC PAS competition and Mobility of Young Scientists of IPC PAS competition. The Institute provides an opportunity to participate in ERASMUS+ program.

Moreover we offer: benefits including a reduced rate for an individual private medical healthcare package and membership in the MultiSport programme and full technical, administrative and organisational support from professional English-speaking personnel.

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More details

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Scientific profile of a candidate

Recognised Researcher (R2)


  • PhD degree in chemistry obtained not earlier than 7 years before the engagement in the project (this period might be longer due to family reasons (according to NCN rules).
  • Experience in the heterogeneous catalysis and in the field of standard physicochemical  characterization methods (XPS, XRD, SEM)
  • Experience in the synthesis of powder catalysts and knowledge of using Origin software will be an asset
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a group.

Key assessment criteria

The Commission will take into account the following criteria:

  • Competence for specific tasks in a research project (max 60 points)
  • Previous scientific achievements (publication record, H-index etc.) (max 30 points)
  • Awards and distinctions of the candidate resulting from the conducted research (10 points).

The commission evaluates applications on a point scale (max 100 points).

Required documents
  • scientific curriculum vitae, including a list of scientific achievements (scholarships, publications, patents, conference presentations, etc.),
  • citation report (e.g. from Web of Science) including the number of publication, number of citation without self-citation, h-index of the Candidate,
  • motivation letter,
  • two letters of recommendation written by a scientist in the field,
  • a scan of the PhD diploma,
  • a scan of the MSc diploma.

The incomplete applications will be not considered.

Recruitment procedure

The position will be awarded in accordance with the NCN regulations: and in accordance with the Employment policy of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS

How to Apply: Send application directly to;

IMPORTANT! email subject: “Recruitment no. 6/2022

The Commission will analyses CVs of the candidates. The top candidates will be invited for an online or in person interview (between 21.03-23.03.2022). Good command of English is required. We reserve the right to contact and reply only to selected candidates

  • The incomplete applications will be not considered.
  • Only candidates with a minimum of 70 points would be considered for the position. A position will be offered to the person who obtains the highest number of points. The Recruitment Committee may not recommend any candidate for the position if no candidate would get at least 70 points.
  • The results of the competition are made public.
  • Candidates who have been issued a negative opinion by the Competition Committee or candidates not selected for employment have the right to appeal against the results of the evaluation. The appeal shall be lodged with the Director of the Institute within 7 days from the date of receipt of the appropriate information. The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final.
  • If the top candidate does not sign the contract, due to the resignation, we reserve the right to choose the next candidate from the ranking list.

Additional information

How to Apply: Send application directly to;

IMPORTANT! email subject: “Recruitment no. 6/2022

Additional information would be provided by email:

The successful candidate is expected to start work within the project on the 1st of May 2022. It is possible to change the starting date in the justified case (but no later than 1st of June 2022). 100% of the work time will be devoted to the realization of the project. There are no teaching obligations.


Application deadline

15.03.2022 23:00

Deadline for the settlement of the competition


Archival announcement. We would like to thank all candidates for their submitted applications.

Date of announcement: 24.02.2022

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