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Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland TEAM 17: Environmental Chemistry

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National Science Center

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Laboratory and field studies on secondary organic aerosol (SOA) aging at suburban sites, OPUS no. 2021/41/B/ST10/02748, 55/2022

Project leader

dr hab. inż. Rafał Włodzimierz Szmigielski


Atmospheric aerosol, known for its chemical complexity, serious negative impact on human health and large, but

uncertain, effects on the climate, represents a substantial fraction of tropospheric air pollution. Global and regional data reveal that most submicron aerosol particles are secondary in nature (SOA), i.e., form through chemical processes, adding up to 90% to aerosol masses over continental regions.

While the early gas-phase aerosol formation, has been thoroughly investigated during last few decades, further

oxidation of resultant products regarded as aging processes, and their environmental and health effects are still the scientific terra incognita. During the last few years, there has been a growing awareness that atmospheric waters (i.e., clouds, rain, fog, mist, etc.) play a pivotal role in SOA aging. Estimates of global cloud water SOA formation and aging over rural and suburban areas show 20−30 Tg per year, whereas the estimated total global SOA production is on the order of 50−380 Tg. However, detailed mechanisms and kinetics of these processes (both photochemical and dark) fall into an almost untouched field of research, and thus their accurate representation in models hampers the management of air pollution of rural and suburban regions.

The main objective of the project is to deliver solid scientific data for discussion on the significant role of atmospheric

waters in the aging mechanisms of secondary organic aerosol in rural and suburban regions. Fostering the research on the aqueous aging of monoterpene-derived SOA we will try to deliver novel arguments on aerosol aging in the troposphere. We intend to simulate the in-cloud SOA aging processes in a laboratory framework under OH and SO4 radical-based regimes, either relevant to the atmosphere over forested suburban regions, and confront the results with ambient aerosol and precipitation samples.

Job description

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Key responsibilities include


1. Sample preparation

2. Measurements with different spectrometric and spectroscopic techniques

3. Data analysis

4. Reporting

5. Preparing publications


Position in the project

Postdoctoral Researcher position

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Full-time employment contract


10 000 PLN/month That is the gross/gross amount including employer's expense. It would be the subject of taxes, social and health insurance and other legal deductions according to polish law.

Position starts on


Maximum planned period of contract/stipend agreement

6 months, with a possible extension to 18 months

We offer

  1. Position with 100% focus on research (no teaching obligations).
  2. Benefits include a reduced rate for an individual private medical healthcare package and membership in the MultiSport program.
  3. Full technical, administrative and organizational support from professional English-speaking personnel.

Career development prospects at IPC PAS

Career development prospects at IChF:

  1. The successful candidate will be part of an Environmental Chemistry Group in IChF.
  2. Opportunity to advance scientific knowledge and gain experience in environmental, analytical and organic chemistry research project.
  3. Opportunity to work in a dynamic team of experienced chemists and engineers.
  4. Participation in international conferences and Erasmus+ programs.

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Scientific discipline


Scientific profile of a candidate

Recognised Researcher (R2)


We are looking for an experimentalist with theoretical background in environmental, analytical and organic chemistry. We guarantee access to top-notch instrumentation (HPLC-MS, GC-MS) as well as equipped laboratories.

Requirements for the candidate – the candidate:

  1. holds PhD (obtained no earlier than 7 years before the starting year of employment in the project (this period might be longer due to family reasons (according to NCN rules): This period may be extended by a time of long-term (in excess of 90 days) documented sick leaves or rehabilitation leaves granted on account of being unfit to work. In addition, the period may be extended by the number of months of a childcare leave granted pursuant to the Labour Code and in the case of women, by 18 months for every child born or adopted, whichever manner of accounting for career breaks is preferable. The candidate is not eligible to apply if his/her doctoral degree has been awarded by the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS (see competition documentation of the National Science Center (NCS) for the OPUS 21) in chemical sciences or related fields;
  2. has solid knowledge in analytical and environmental chemistry and experience at work in the analytical laboratory;
  3. has knowledge in preparation and analysis of ambient aerosol samples;
  4. has published at least one publication as the first author in an international peer-reviewed journal;
  5. has the ability to prepare reports, communicate with Team Members, present results (also during the conferences), and prepare draft scientific papers for academic journals in English;
  6. has the ability to work independently and in a high-performing team.

Key assessment criteria

The Recruitment Commission will take into account the following criteria:

a) competencies of candidates for specific tasks in a research project (max 60 points),

b) previous scientific achievements of candidates (max 30 points),

c) awards and distinctions of the candidate resulting from the conducted research (10 points).

The commission evaluates applications on a point scale (max 100 points).

Required documents

1. Professional curriculum vitae, including:

  • list of publications with the indication of a maximum of five most important works carried out in the last 5 years (after deduction of breaks in research work), patent applications, patents, implementations, research projects;
  • at least one opinion of the candidate, issued by an independent researcher;
  • correspondence address and / or e-mail address and telephone number of the candidate,

2. a cover letter not exceeding 3,500 characters (1 A4 page) containing concise information on scientific / professional interests, achievements to date, possible participation in research projects and own research interests.

3. scans of University degree diploma and PhD Diploma (chemistry or related discipline),

4. the candidate's declaration that he/she has become acquainted with the General Rules Governing Competitions for Research Posts at IChF in Warsaw

The incomplete applications will be not considered.

Recruitment procedure

The position will be awarded in accordance with the NCN regulations: and in accordance with the Employment policy of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS

How to Apply: Send your application directly to;

IMPORTANT! email subject: “Recruitment no. 55/2022”

Top candidates will be invited for an online or in-person interview. Good command of English is required. We reserve the right to contact and reply to only selected candidates.

Only candidates with a minimum of 70 points would be considered for the position. A position will be offered to the person who obtains the highest number of points. The Recruitment Committee may not recommend any candidate for the position if no candidate would get at least 70 points.

The results of the competition are made public.

Candidates who have been issued a negative opinion by the Recruitment Committee or candidates not selected for employment have the right to appeal against the results of the evaluation. The appeal shall be lodged with the Director of the Institute within 7 days from the date of receipt of the appropriate information. The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final.

If the top candidate does not sign the contract due to resignation, we reserve the right to choose the next candidate from the ranking list.

Additional information

More details about the project: 520416-pl.pdf (

For additional job details please contact Leader of this project:


Application deadline

27.01.2023 23:59

Deadline for the settlement of the competition


Archival announcement. We would like to thank all candidates for their submitted applications.

Date of announcement: 10.01.2023

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