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Team 21 Spectroscopic and microscopic (STM/AFM) studies of intermolecular interactions, INSITUTE OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY PAS

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OPUS 24 Project No. 2022/47/B/ST5/03077 entitled, High-Performance Nano-Structural Electrode Materials for Li-S battery, 54/2023

Project leader

Dr hab. Piotr Pieta, prof. IChF PAN


Lithium-sulfur (Li-S) batteries are a promising candidate for next-generation energy storage systems due to their high theoretical energy density (2600 Wh kg-1), low cost, and environmental friendliness. However, the problems related to the electrode processes at the cathode of these batteries, namely the dissolution of the polysulfides (LiPSs) and the shuttle issues, cause a severe deterioration in efficiency, hindering their practical use. The present project aims to investigate multi-functional materials that can firmly trap LiPSs and accelerate the kinetics of the LiPSs redox reaction. Our strategy will be constructing an interconnected 3D network with high porosity built of a well-conducting skeleton with surface-immobilized active sites for effective trapping and converting LiPSs to Li2S.

The electrocatalytic properties of these nanostructured materials, tested by cyclic voltammetry (CV), linear sweep voltammetry (LSV), multi-cycling galvanostatic charging/discharging, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), will be correlated with (i) AFM imaging in PeakForceQNM and Kelvin probe mode, and (ii) microgravimetric measurements using electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM). Additionally, DFT calculations will support the experimental studies explaining structure-reactivity correlation in Li-S batteries

Job description

Number of vacancies


Key responsibilities include

The post-doc is expected to independently design, plan and conduct experiments. In addition, he/she will oversee the work of the PhD student.


- to prepare electrodes modified with a suitable catalyst and conduct electrochemical tests for a three- and two-electrode system.

- to analyze and explain the effect of redox processes on the morphology, mechanical properties and stability of the catalysts studied.

- to fabricate a prototype Li-S battery.

- to manage the project's tasks for its successful completion

- to disseminate of research results at project meetings, in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences.


Position in the project

POST DOC position

Job type

• Type of contract: temporary • Status: full-time employment • Hours Per Week: 40


Around 9650 PLN gross

Position starts on


Maximum planned period of contract/stipend agreement

12 months with a possible extension

We offer

We offer a post-doctoral position (full-time employment) in the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS with a gross salary of around 9650 PLN per month financed from the NCN OPUS 24 Project No. 2022/47/B/ST5/03077. 100% of the work time of the Postdoc will be devoted to the realization of the proposed project. The offer is for 12 months with possible extensions.

Career development prospects at IPC PAS

The selected candidate will gain experience and knowledge in the preparation and testing of materials for Li-S battery electrodes. The project involves electrocatalysis, nanotechnology, material science and physical chemistry.

The successful candidate will be eligible for all programs at the IPC PAS, including the IPC PAS Young Scientists competition and the IPC PAS Young Scientists Mobility competition.

The institute provides an opportunity to participate in ERASMUS+ programme.


Scientific discipline

Physical chemistry

Scientific profile of a candidate

Recognised Researcher (R2)


1.  Ph.D. degree in chemical or physical sciences, obtained in the year of employment in the project or within 7 years before 1 January of the year of employment in the project. For researchers with multiple PhDs, the date of the first PhD award is deemed the reference date. The extension might apply according to the National Science Centre, Poland, rules.

2.  Publication record and experience in research.

3.  Ability to work independently as well as in a group.

4.  Skills in fabricating electrodes for electrochemical study in three- and two-electrode system.

5. Experience in electrochemical study

6. Experience in EQCM and AFM study will be appreciated.

6. The candidate should demonstrate good experimental skills in handling electrodes and a good understanding of electrode processes.

7.  Ability to communicate fluently in English (written and spoken).

8.  Strong motivation to work and solve scientific problems, creativity, and analytical thinking.

Key assessment criteria

The Recruitment Commission will take into account the following criteria:

  • competencies for specific tasks in the research project
  • knowledge of electrochemistry
  • previous scientific achievements
  • awards and distinctions resulting from the conducted research
Required documents
  • employment application;
  • professional curriculum vitae;
  • a list of scientific achievements (publications, patents, conference presentations and research projects);
  • PhD certificate or other document confirming PhD degree;
  • letter of intent;
  • at least one letter of recommendation written by academics;
Recruitment procedure

The application deadline is on the 31st of December, 2023,  23:00 CET.

• Top candidates can be invited for an online or in-person interview. We reserve the right to contact and reply to only selected candidates.

• The position will be offered to the person with the highest evaluation by the Recruitment Committee.

• The results of the recruitment are planned to be announced on the 31st of January 2024.

• Employment will take place in accordance with the provisions of the competition documentation of the National Science Center (NSC) for the OPUS 24

and Employment policy of the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS .

• The incomplete applications will not be considered.

• The results of the competition are made public.

• Candidates who have been issued a negative opinion by the Competition Committee or candidates not selected for employment have the right to appeal against the results of the evaluation. The appeal shall be lodged with the Director of the Institute within 7 days from the date of receipt of the appropriate information. The decision of the Director of the Institute shall be final.

• If the top candidate does not sign the contract due to the resignation, we reserve the right to choose the next candidate from the ranking list.

Additional information

Candidate needs to meet formal requirements:

  • their PhD degree has been awarded by another institution than the one planned to employ them at this post or they have completed a continuous and evidenced post-doctoral fellowship of at least 10 months in another institution than the host institution for the project and in another country than the one in which they have been conferred a PhD degree
  • when the remuneration is paid, they will be receiving no remuneration from the funds allocated as direct costs under research projects funded in NCN calls;
  • when the remuneration is paid, they will be receiving no remuneration from another employer pursuant to an employment contract, including an employer with registered office outside of Poland; and
  • when the remuneration is paid, they will be receiving no pension under the social insurance scheme
  • they did not have the principal investigator as their research supervisor or auxiliary supervisor of their PhD dissertation;

How to Apply: Send application directly to;

IMPORTANT! email subject: “Recruitment no. 54/2023”

(emails without this number will not be considered)

For more details about the position:

Contact person: dr hab. Piotr Pieta, prof. IChF PAN,

Phone +48 22 343 3217


A post-doc type post is a full-time post, scheduled by the project’s principal investigator for a person who has been conferred a PhD degree in the year of employment in the project or within 7 years before 1 January of the year of employment in the project. For researchers with multiple PhDs, the date of the first PhD award is deemed the reference date. This period may be extended by a time of long-term (in excess of 90 days) documented sick leaves or rehabilitation leaves granted on account of being unfit to work. In addition, the period may be extended by the number of months of a child care leave granted pursuant to the Labour Code and in the case of women, by 18 months for every child born or adopted, whichever manner of accounting for career breaks is preferable.


Application deadline

31.12.2023 23:59

Deadline for the settlement of the competition


Archival announcement. We would like to thank all candidates for their submitted applications.

Date of announcement: 23.11.2023

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