Spectroscopic and microscopic (STM/AFM) studies of intermolecular interactions

Research group no. 21

Spectroscopic and microscopic (STM/AFM) studies of intermolecular interactions

Group leader

prof. dr hab. inż. Robert Nowakowski

Research topics

The research of the group is focused on the investigations of surface phenomena. High-resolution Scanning Probe Microscopy (STM / AFM) is the predominant research technique. The main research topics are: surface phenomena associated with the generation of rare earth metal hydrides, self-assembly processes of organic semiconductors, catalytic processes on the surfaces of bimetallic nanoparticles, surface processes in phospholipid layers and biological cells. The goal is to apply research in environmental conditions in a complementary manner, enabling the connection of local microscopic observation (providing information about the surface structure) with changes in other properties, relevant for practical applications (e.g. rheological, electrical, electronic, catalytic, optical).


  • mgr inż. Klaudyna Krzyżewska 
  • dr inż. Agnieszka Maranda-Niedbała 
  • dr inż. Piotr Pięta
  • dr inż. Izabela Stefanowicz-Pięta
  • dr hab. Anna Śrębowata, prof.IChF
  • dr Olena Mozgova
  • dr Rahma Abid
  • dr Patrycja Kowalik
  • mgr Noor Ul Ain



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