Complex Systems and Chemical Processing of Information

Research group no. 24

Complex Systems and Chemical Processing of Information

Group leader

prof. dr hab. Jerzy Górecki

Research topics

The research of the Group #24 is concerned with systems showing complex spatio-temporal evolution. In particular, we work on identification of stationary structures, phase transitions and characterization of a complex time evolution for spatially confined systems with specific interactions (SALR - Short range Attraction and  Long range  Repulsion type, interactions mediated by concentrations of surface active molecules). We also interested in  far-from-equilibrium phenomena and in applications of chemical reactions for information processing. Our research combines theoretical methods of statistical physics, microscopic computer simulations using  molecular dynamics and advanced optimization methods based on genetic algorithms. We perform experiments  on non-linear chemical reactions (Belousov-Żabotyński reaction) and on the complex behaviuor of objects that exhibit self-propelled motion on the water surface.


  • prof. dr hab. Alina Ciach 
  • dr inż. Marian Gryciuk 
  • dr hab. Marek Litniewski 
  • dr inż. Tomasz Roliński



A. De Virgiliis, A. Meyra and A. Ciach
"Lattice Model Results for Pattern Formation in a Mixture with Competing Interactions" 
PDF Version:

Roliński, Tomasz, Hiroyuki Kitahata, Yuki Koyano, and Jerzy Górecki. 

Quantitative Analysis of the Complex Time Evolution of a Camphor Boat

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Jerzy Gorecki
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Computing With Networks of Chemical Oscillators and its Application for Schizophrenia Diagnosis
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Available online 1 December 2021, 128033

Jerzy Gorecki, Konrad Gizynski and Ludomir Zommer

Chapter 12: On the Optimum Geometry and Training Strategy for Chemical Classifiers that Recognize the Shape of a Sphere


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