Charge transfer in biological systems and at the interfaces

Research group no. 22

Charge transfer in biological systems and at the interfaces

Group leader

dr hab. Piotr Zarzycki

Research topics

Structural study of supramolecular and hybrid organic-inorganic scaffolds based on the synthetic macrocycles. Theoretical and experimental investigation of the early stages of nucleation, growth and transformation of minerals and biomolecules. Physicochemical probes of chemotherapy efficacy as observed in the blood serum proteins calorimetry. 


  • mgr inż. Helena Butkiewicz
  • dr Oksana Danylyuk
  • dr Karolina Kędra-Królik 
  • mgr inż. Marzena Łazarczyk



Butkiewicz, H., Sashuk, V., & Danylyuk, O.
Incorporation of carboxylated pillar[5]arene and strontium (II) into supramolecular coordination complexes of different nuclearity.

Majewska, M., Zamlynny, V., Pieta, I. S., Nowakowski, R., & Piet, P.
Interaction of LL-37 human cathelicidin peptide with a model microbial-like lipid membrane.

Lach, P., Cieplak, M., Noworyta, K. R., Pieta, P., Lisowski, W., Kalecki, J., Chitta, R., D’Souza, F., Kutner, W., & Sharma, P. S.
Self-reporting molecularly imprinted polymer with the covalently immobilized ferrocene redox probe for selective electrochemical sensing of p-synephrine.
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical,