The Sixth International Workshop
on Surface modification for chemical and biochemical sensing

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Łochów Palace,
Łochów, Poland

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8 through 12

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Welcome to the SMCBS2013!

Interdisciplinary permeation of concepts between chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, microelectronics, and engineering has inspired important new ideas in several research fields including sensing and biosensing. For sensing, surfaces of solid substrates, used for constructing chemical or biochemical sensors, are modified to achieve selective or, in many cases, even specific analyte detection.
The use of sensor-based analytical procedures, originally focused on chemical and biochemical tests, is gaining increasing interest, among others, in environmental toxicity testing, for ecosystem monitoring, clinical diagnostics and therapy, as well as for testing of crops and foods of animal origin.
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Meetting Format

4 Days - Single stream - One poster session

Main Topics

Chemical surface reactions Self-assembled monolayers (SAMs)
Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films
Preparation and properties of supported membranes
Chemically modified electrodes
Enzyme modified electrodes and polymer modified electrodes
Novel techniques and instrumentation for examining surfaces Recognition signal transduction and processing
Detection techniques and protocols
Miniaturization of analytical systems and the nanotechnology use

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