Zakład Fizykochemii Miękkiej Materii
Department of of Soft Condensed Matter

Kierownik Zakładu: prof. dr hab. Robert Hołyst
tel. 022-343-3102
bud. 7, pok. 127

Tematyka badań:

  • Periodic structures in mixtures containing surfactants
  • Wormhole passages in lamellar phases
  • Smectic-A surface order in a nematic-substrate system
  • Anchoring of nematic liquid crystals at a solid substrate
  • Anchoring transitions in the nematic-subsrtrate system: Study of the Landau-de Gennes mode
  • A thermodynamic approach to the anchoring phenomenon in the nematic liquid crystal-substrate system
  • Meniscus and dislocations in free-standing films of smectic A liquid crystals
  • Confined microemulsion: Structural changes between walls
  • Experiment on ferroelectric smectics
  • Flower instability in ferroelectic smectics
  • Anchoring of a liquid crystal on an anisotropic substrate
  • Formation of droplets in polymer blends during spinodal decomposition
  • Morphology of polybutadiene- deutarated-polybutadiene system from computer simulations
  • Evolution of the phase interface in the system of nonconserved scalar order parameter during the phase separating/ordering kinetics
  • Modeling and Analysis of the Scattering Patterns of Self Assembled Cubic Phases based on Triply Periodic Surfaces
  • Deformation of minimal periodic surfaces (used to compute the photonic band gap spectra)
  • Evaporation/Condensation
  • Fleming-Viot Processes
  • Lattice Boltzmann simulations
  • Polymers in nematic matrix
  • 3D Patters in Nonextensive Thermodynamics'

Pracownicy naukowi:
  • dr Aleksii Aksiementiev
  • prof dr hab. Alina Ciach
  • dr Marcin Fiałkowski
  • dr Piotr Garstecki
  • dr Wojciech Goźdź
  • prof. dr hab. Robert Hołyst
  • dr hab. Anna Maciołek
  • doc. dr hab. Andrzej Poniewierski
  • dr Adam Samborski
  • prof. dr Jan Stecki
  • dr Stefan A. Wieczorek
  • dr Andrzej Żywocinski



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