For PhD students

Under the supervision of Prof. dr. hab. Czeslaw Radzewicz and Dr. Gonzalo Angulo

Subject: Experimental Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Physico-Chemical Processes. Specific subjects: 1. Crowding effects in bimolecular reactions (or how big molecules like proteins do hinder/enhance chemical reactions in cytoplasm like environments) 2. Photochemical reactions in liquid crystals (or how two molecules do find their ways to react in highly anisotropic media)

Preferred characteristics of the candidate: Master in Chemistry, specialization in Photochemistry or Photophysics. Desired knowledge in luminescence and laser spectroscopy, absorption, chemical kinetics, statistical mechanics, numerical programming (matlab, mathematica…). Fluent in English.

Position for 3 years starting ASAP. No teaching duties. Contact:

See also the announcement in EURAXESS.

For postdocs

We invite you to apply for a postdoc position in the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw to study in experimental ultrafast spectroscopy of physico-chemical processes. The candidates are expected to develop most of their work in our laboratory of ultrafast spectroscopy in Warsaw. They must hold a PhD in areas connected to Physical Chemistry. Previous postdoctoral experience is preferred. The candidate is expected to develop their own line of research in connection with those already existing in our laboratories. In our laboratories we count with the following working experimental techniques: broad band fluorescence up-conversion, UV-VIS femtosecond time resolved transient absorption spectroscopy, femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy and femtosecond time resolved infrared spectroscopy. We are exploring chemical kinetics of electron, energy and proton transfer reactions and medium effects on the photophysics of molecules. The candidate should be able to develop his own research lines in physical chemistry, and she/he is expected to apply for research grants both in national and international science founding agencies. It will be strongly appreciated the creativity in proposing new subjects and experiments related to the fields of research mentioned in the former paragraph. The candidate is expected to develop the tools for the analysis of the experimental results. We are especially interested in candidates with a strong knowledge in Raman spectroscopy and related ultrafast phenomena. Additional information in Euraxess and in IChF webpage.


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