Anna Grabowska,
  • M.Sc., 1954 - Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University

  • PhD., 1961 - Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University

  • D.Sc., 1969 - Institute of Phys. Chemistry, Polish Acad. Sci., Warsaw

  • Professor, 1988 - Institute of Phys. Chemistry, Polish Acad. Sci., Warsaw
Research abroad:
  • 1964 - Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • 1971-1972 Cambridge University, United Kingdom

  • 1987-1988 Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki, Japan

  • 1988 - Université de Bordeaux I, Talence, France

Professional affiliations:
  • Polish Chemical Society

  • Society for Advancement of Science and Arts (TPKN)

  • European Photochemistry Association
Research areas:
  • Physical chemistry

  • Molecular spectroscopy

  • Photochemistry and photophysics
Selected papers:
  1. Grabowska A., Mordziński A., Tamai N. and Yoshihara K., ”Reversible intramolecular proton-transfer reactions of electronically excited ”double“ benzoxazoles: a direct observation of the effect of intrinsic barrier“, Chem. Physics Letters, 169, 450-456 (1990).

  3. Borowicz P., Grabowska A., Wortmann R. and Liptay W., ”Tautomerization in fluorescent states of bipyridyl-dioles. A direct confirmation of the intramolecular double proton transfer by electrooptical emission measurements“, J. Luminescence, 52, 265-273 (1992).

  5. Grabowska A., ”Proton transfer reaction prepared by the hydrogen bonds in electronically excited polyatomic molecules“, Proc. Internat. Research Workshop ”Ultrafast Reaction Dynamics and Solvent Effects“; Abbaye de Royaumont, 1993, (Y. Gauduel, P.J. Rossky, eds.), American Institute of Physics, New York, 1994; pp. 255-271.

  7. Kownacki K., Mordziński A., Wilbrandt R. and Grabowska A., ”Laser-induced absorption and fluorescence studies of photochromic Schiff bases“, Chem. Physics Letters, 227, 270-276 (1994).

  9. Marks D., Zhang H., Borowicz P., Grabowska A. and Glasbeek M., ”Femtosecond intramolecular proton transfer in photoexcited mono- and dienol derivatives of bipyridine“, Chem. Physics Letters, 309, 19-28 (1999).

  11. Wortmann R., Lebus S., Reis H., Grabowska A., Kownacki K. and Jarosz S., ”Spectral and electrooptical absorption and emission studies on internally hydrogen-bonded benzoxazole ”double“ derivatives: 2,5-bis(benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone (BBHQ) and 3,6-bis(benzoxazolyl)-pyrocatechol (BBPC). Single versus double proton transfer in the excited BBPC revisited“, Chem. Physics, 243, 295-304 (1999).

  13. Zgierski M.Z. and Grabowska A., ”Photochromism of salicylideneaniline (SA). How the photochromic transient is created ? A theoretical approach“, J. Chem. Physics, 112, 6329-6337 (2000).
  14. Ziółek M., Kubicki J., Maciejewski A., Naskręcki R., Grabowska A., "Excited state proton transfer and photochromism of an aromatic Schiff base. Pico- and femtosecond kinetics of the N,N’-bis(salicylidene)-p- phenylenediamine (BSP)", Chem. Phys. Lett. 369, 80-89 (2003).

  16. Fita P., Luzina E., Dziembowska T., Kopeć D., Piątkowski P., Radzewicz Cz., Grabowska A., "Keto-enol tautomerism of two structurally related Schiff bases: direct and indirect way of creation of the excited keto tautomer", Chem. Phys. Lett., 416, 305-310 (2005).

  18. Luzina E., Sepioł J., Svartsov Y.N., Grabowska A., "Effect of alkyl substitutions on excited state intramolecular proton transfer dynamics of jet-cooled bis(benzoxazolyl)phenoles", J. Chem. Phys. 126, 194308 (2007).

Total number of publications: about 76
Number of promoted PhD students: 7