Time-resolved spectroscopy: the key for the understanding of the dynamics of the microworld

Jacek Dobkowski

151 stron, format 24 x 17 cm.
Wydawca: Instytut Chemii Fizycznej PAN, Warszawa 2007.


  1. Introduction
  2. Apparatus

    A. Time-resolved spectroscopy of porphycene and its derivatives in low temperature gas matrices

  3. 1 Time-resolved spectroscopy of porphycene embedded in low temperature matrices
  4. 2 Time-resolved spectroscopy of the 2,7,12,17-tetra-tert-butyl-3,6,13,16-dibenzo[cde,mno]porphycene (TTPC)

    B. Intramolecular and solvent relaxation in the case of molecules revealing charge-transfer excited states

  5. An experimental test of C-N bond twisting in the TICT state - the case of dialkylamino derivatives of m-cyanopyridine
  6. Intramolecular charge-transfer properties of molecules with small donor groups: the case of the carbonyl derivatives of N,N-dimethylaniline and N,N-diethylaniline.
  7. Intramolecular charge-transfer properties of molecules with a large donor group. The case of: 4'-(1-pyrenyl)benzonitrile (Py-BN) and 4'-(1-pyrenyl)acetophenone (Py-AC)
  8. Intramolecular charge-transfer properties of a molecule with a large donor group: The case of 4-Acetyl-4'-N,N-dimethylaminobiphenyl (ADAB)
  9. Final remarks.
  10. Annex
  11. References
  12. Experimental
  13. Glossary of abbreviations
  14. Acknowledgements