High Pressure Piston-Cylinder Apparatus
for Pressures up to 1.5 GPa Generated in Liquid and Gaseous Media


The high pressure piston-cylinder apparatus can be applied for high pressure synthesis or physico-chemical investigations within the pressure range up to 1.5 GPa (15 kbar). Electrical leads (10 or more) passing through the stopper allow the electrical measurements in situ under high pressure conditions. The apparatus can be heated up to 400 K or cooled down to 200 K. The high pressure chamber operates with 30 Tonnes hydraulic press.

Technical Data of the High Pressure Chamber

High pressure vessel - 10 ccm working volume1 piece
External diameter100 mm
Internal diameter12 mm
Height150 mm
Pressure range available0 - 1.5 GPa
Temperature range200 - 400 K
Mobile piston2 pieces
Steel stopper supplied with 12 wires
(10 copper and 2 Konstantan wires)
2 pieces
Sealings (metal rings and rubber O-ring.
Each sealing for one use only)
100 sets

see also:
low-temperature - high-pressure H2-gas apparatus up to 1 GPa
Information: Dr. M. Tkacz, E-mail: temar@ichf.edu.pl.