WP1 - Coordination and management

Leader - Prof. Robert Hołyst
vice-leader - Prof. Jerzy Herbich
Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Task 1.1 Project Management
The Overall Responsible for this Work Package is Project coordinator. All other WP Leaders provide input in the form of WP reports and others. Project coordinator will be supported by established Project Support Office (IPC-PSO) and the Scientific Coordinator. The Established IPC-PSO will coordinate and manage all technical and contract management components of the project including: financial; legal; contractual; knowledge management; intellectual property rights, contacts with the press, advertisement, human resources and administration personnel will becovered from other costs. The Scientific Coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the work within the project retains the focus towards the projected project outcomes. The Project Manager (PM) employed at the Project Support Office will subordinate to the PC to assure appropriate execution of the Project. Her/his tasks will involve immediate support of the PC in reporting procedures, providing him with required materials (work time sheets, reports on the project's execution, budget utilization, etc.)

Task 1.2 Organization of the Meetings
During the kick-off meeting, the Advisory Board (AB) will be formally established. The priority goal of AB activity will be during three meetings (M1, M18, and M35) to assess the execution of the Action Plan based on delivered reports, prepared regularly by the Project Manager. The Project Coordinator, The Scientific Coordinator, IPC-PAS Director will exchange information, assess the progress of the project, give advice, assess the implementation of the IPC-PAS during every 6 month, starting from M1. WP Leaders, WP Task Leaders, Project Manager and staff employed in the Project will control the Project's realization in a particular WP, exchange information during monthly meetings. The Project Coordinator, The Scientific Coordinator, WP Leaders, Team Managers from Partner Organisations will contact via Internet, before major event to discuss the cooperation, exchange information, coordinate actions within an individual WP.

Task 1.3 Preparation of the Reports
Regular summary WP reports will be produced every 3 month while progress reports to the Coordinator will be prepared every 6 month, starting from M6. Periodical reports will be produced after each AB meeting (M18, M36). Project Coordinator will produce reports to the European Commission after each reporting period, as well as a final report evaluating the outcomes of the project will be produced at the end of the project (after 35month) and delivered to EC.
Inaugural meeting [6/10/2011]

1st Advisory Board meeting [3/11/2011]

Report No 1 October - December 2011

Report No 2 January - March 2012

1st Reporting Seminar, 24 April 2012

Selection of a conference centre [7/3/2012]

Report No 3 October 2011- June 2012

2nd Reporting Seminar, 2 July 2012

3rd Reporting Seminar, 11 October 2012

One year summary report (No 4)
1 October 2011 - 30 September 2012

Report No 5 October - December 2012

4th Reporting Seminar, 24 January 2013

2nd Advisory Board meeting

Report No 6 January - March 2013

Report No 7 - April - June 2013

Report No 8 - July - September 2013

5th Reporting Seminar, 14 November 2013

Report No 9 - October - December 2013

6th Reporting Seminar, 28 January 2013

Report No 10 - January - March 2014

Report No 11 - April - June 2014

7th Reporting Seminar, 26 June 2014

Final Advisory Board meeting