30 October 2012

Prof. Patrick Unwin
University of Warwick, Wielka Brytania

"The long and winding road to nanoscale electrochemical imaging"
Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
photo G. Krzyżewski
2012-10-30_GK6087a 2012-10-30_GK6098a 2012-10-30_GK6133a 2012-10-30_GK6124a
2012-10-30 GK6197 2012-10-30 GK6158 2012-10-30 GK6167
2012-10-30 GK6171 2012-10-30 GK6175 2012-10-30 GK6188
Prof. Unwin's visit in the Institute's laboratories