seminaria w poprzednich latach (przed 2014/2015)
seminaria w roku akad. 2014/2015

seminaria w bieżącym roku akademickim
rok akademicki 2015/2016
29 June 2016
* Wojciech Marynowski - 'Obtaining covalent and non-covalent porous materials based on crown ethers'
* Marcin Saski - 'Hybrid perovskites for solar cells'
* Anna Cieślak - 'Hybrid inorganic-organic materials based on ZnO nanocrystals: Towards Emerging Technologies'
22 June 2016
* Maciej Zieliński - 'Structure dynamics of nanocrystalline metal catalysts - new approach to reaction mechanism'
* Jan Stępień - 'Simulations of annihilation of diffusing particles created at a planar wall'
* Katarzyna Sołtys - 'Chemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Molecular Metal Carbonates Self-assemble to Noncovalent Porous Materials'
15 June 2016
* Marta Majewska - 'Study of influence of antimicrobial peptides on properties of model biological membranes'
* Paulina Jeleń - 'Three-dimensional electrodes for bioelectrochemistry in microfluidics'
* Agnieszka Wiśniewska - 'Macroscopic Rheological Properties of Macromolecular Solutions'
8 June 2016
* Jadwiga Milkiewicz - 'Photoexcited proton transfer reactions'
* Haijing Meng - 'High pressure study of molybdenum-hydrogen system'
1 June 2016
* Damian Giziński - 'Synthesis of polymeric resin supported copper and nickel catalyst'
* Izabela Kamińska - 'New Ni and Ni-Cu/C catalysts in environmental protection'
25 May 2016
* Karol Juchniewicz - 'Novel PtRuPd catalyst for direct formic acid electrooxidation in design of fuel cell stack"
* Paulina Wach - 'Aqueous processing of isoprene derivatives'
18 May 2016
* Karolina Kubik - 'Novel Class of Organic Fluorophores - Concept'
* Bartłomiej Bończak - 'Conductive organic compounds: Linkers between gold nanoparticles and fullerene'
11 May 2016
* Pakorn Pasitsuparoad - 'Fluorescence quenching study of Rhodamine 6G with Anthracene: A comparison between isotropic and liquid crystal solvent.'
* Jan Nawrocki - 'Applying mechanochemistry for synthesis of drug-loaded Metal-Organic Framework'
27 April 2016
* Łukasz Kozoń - 'The progress of the Sessile Droplet Chip project'
* Katarzyna Bartołd - '(Peptide nucleic acid)-(molecularly imprinted polymer) hybrid for detection of a retardation gene
* Krzysztof Górski - 'Truxenes as a platform for donor-acceptor systems'
20 April 2016
* Łukasz Kozoń - 'The progress of the Sessile Droplet Chip project'
* Adam Opalski - 'Nanoliter droplet libraries from a pipette: Step-emulsificator that stabilizes droplet volume against variation in flow rate'
* Magdalena Czekalska - 'Formation of lipid bilayers in passive microfluidic traps'
13 April 2016
* Paweł Łata - "Numerical prediction and characterization of novel krypton-containing species: krypton oxides"
* Ewelina Kuna - 'Magnetic nanocomposites for selective photo-oxidation of benzyl alcohol
6 April 2016
* Agnieszka Wojnarowicz - 'Versatile molecular imprinting - from 2,4,6-trinitrophenol to kyotorphin'
30 March 2016
* Magdalena Kundys - 'Rotating droplet as a highly efficient tool for enzymatic reactions and its computer simulation'
* Karolina Gawecka - 'Application of Langmuir-Blodgett films of thiophene derivatives appended with crown ethers for preparation of ion-selective electrodes'
23 March 2016
* Katarzyna Kryszczuk - 'Diffusion of eGFP in Escherichia coli filaments'
* Kinga Matuła - 'Mechanoevolution of Escherichia coli: part 2'
* Łukasz Richter - 'Utilization of bacteriophages for bacteria detection'
16 March 2016
* Witold Postek - 'A passive microfluidic system allows to generate libraries of nanoliter-sized droplets of varying and known concentration of sample'
* Artur Ruszczak - 'Microfluidic platform for pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics studies of antimicrobials'
* Michał Horka - 'Accurate characterization of oxygen concentration in microdroplet bioreactors with a lifetime measurement on optical sensor nanoparticules'
9 March 2016
* Michał Leszczyński - 'Redox-active microporous metal-organic frameworks based on chromium'
* Zofia Iskierko - 'Molecularly selective field-effect transistors for enantiomers discrimination'
2 March 2016
* Krzysztof Szczepański - 'Viscosity at nanoscale. Case for eukaryotic cells'
* Xuzhu Zhang - 'Exploring the Equilibrium and Rate Constants of Noncovalent Interactions'
* Kamila Łucja Łępicka - "Spectroelectrochemical approaches to get insight into mechanistic aspects of the redox conducting polymers"
24 February 2016
* Justyna Matyjewicz - 'Silver nanocubes-based sensor for mercury detection in water'
* Krzysztof Kupiec - 'Investigation and use of novel cathode catalysts in a formic acid fuel cell stack'
27 January 2016
* Jakub Ostapko - 'Synthesis of low symmetry systems dedicated to studies of hydrogen bond features'
* Klaudyna Krzyżewska - 'Biphenyl derivatives as the example of dimer mesogens - structural study of self-assebmbled monolayers'
13 January 2016
* Anna Kelm - 'Changes in photophysics induced by localized surface plasmons'
* Piotr Krupiński - 'Mechanochemical approach to the synthesis of nanocrystals'
9 December 2015
* Valerii Malyshev - 'Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Film for Determination of Asymmetric Dimethylarginine'
* Krzysztof Bielec - 'Darth Phager vs. Phage Skywalker'
2 December 2015
* Magdalena Michalak - 'Localized SECM electrodeposition of metallic nanostructures and their study as catalysts in alkaline media'
* Paweł Lisowski - 'New green approach in the synthesis of mono and bimetallic photocatalysts for photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic
compounds (VOCs)'
25 November 2015
Krzysztof Baranowski of the non-profit organization 'STER', associated with the Students' Government of the Warsaw Technical University - 'The art of presentations'.
18 November 2015
* Karolina Kubik - 'Novel Class of Organic Fluorophores'
* Natalia Masiera - 'Porphycenes as photodynamic therapy agents. In vitro studies of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells'
* Robert Kołos - some remarks regarding PhD seminars
4 November 2015
* Joanna Dolińska  - 'Project Netherlands: Electrocatalytic Oxidation of Biologically Active Compounds on MoS2 Hybrid Materials'
* Tomiła Łojewska -  'No "photo-" this time. TiO2 as a (non-photo)catalyst in nitrogen heterocycles synthesis'
* Robert Kołos - current issues & announcements
21 October 2015
* Pakorn Pasitsuparoad - 'An introduction to bimolecular chemical reactions in liquid crystals'
* Karolina Gawecka - 'Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of thiophenes derivatives - properties and applications as materials in chemosensors'
* Paulina Wach-Panfiłow - 'Recognizing new paths formation of secondary atmospheric aerosols from volatile organic compounds'
14 October 2015
* Magdalena Kundys - 'Rotating droplet as a new hydrodynamic method'
* Marta Janczuk - 'Reduced graphene oxide modified electrodes for biosensing'
7 October 2015
* Ewelina Kuna - 'Photocatalytic water purification by polypropylene nonwoven filter with nanoscale zinc oxide'
* Ilona Goszewska - 'Synthesis of Nickel nanoparticles on polymer resins for chemoselective hydrogenation'
* Damian Giziński - 'Chemoselective hydrogenation of C=O bond with transition metals grafted on resins'