seminaria w poprzednich latach (przed 2014/2015)
seminaria w bieżącym roku akademickim
rok akademicki 2014/2015
24 June 2015
* Agnieszka Wiśniewska - 'Study on the Scaling Equation for Poly(ethylene glycol)s Mixtures in the Entangled Conditions'
* Anna Lewandrowska - 'Development and application of the Taylor dispersion method'
10 June 2015
* Jan Nawrocki - 'Towards photoresponsive non-covalent porous materials'
* Haijing Meng - 'High pressure study of sodium borodeuteride (NaBD4) using Raman spectroscopy'
3 June 2015
* Magdalena Czekalska - 'Long-term measurements of membrane proteins activity in microfluidic chip'
* Witold Postek - 'It's a trap! Geometry-encoded operations on droplets in microfluidic chips'
* Adam Opalski - 'High-throughput generation of emulsions in microfluidic devices'
27 May 2015
* Michalina Iwan - 'Novel approach to fabrication of polymeric nanocomposites by covalent bonding between noble metal nanoparticles and polymers'
* Evelin Witkowska - 'Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for detection and discrimination of pathogenic bacteria in food and body fluids'
* Sandra Iskorościńska - 'Synthesis of zwitterionic pillar[5]arene derivatives'
20 May 2015
* Justyna Matyjewicz - 'Click chemistry modification of glassy carbon electrode with gold nanoparticles'
* Izabela I. Kamińska - 'Palladium-loaded Beta zeolites for water puriffication from trichloroethene'
* Urszula Szczepaniak - '3 luminous ways to characterize vibrations'
13 May 2015
* Karol Juchniewicz - 'Pd based catalysts promoted with Pt, Ru, Ir for electrooxidation of formic acid in DFAFC fuel cells'
* Paweł Dębski - 'Analytical assays - design and data analysis'
* Bartłomiej Bończak - 'Conductive organic compounds: linkers between gold nanoparticles and fullerene'
6 May 2015
* Krzysztof Górski - 'Truxens as potential TADF emitters'
* Katarzyna Sołtys - 'Self-assembly of Molecular Metal Carbonate Nanoclusters leading to Noncovalent Porous Materials'
* Klaudyna Leniarska - 'Photoswitch-structural study of self-assembled monolayers'
22 April 2015
* Katarzyna Bartołd - "Conducting molecularly imprinted polymer biomimicking DNA for 5'-TATAAA-3' oligo-nucleotide sensing"
* Alina Majka - "Spin dynamics in covalently linked radical ion pairs photogenerated in di- and triaryl-methane lactones"
15 April 2015
* Anna Cieślak - 'Photo-responsive Supramolecular Assemblies Based on ZnO Nanoparticles'
* Jakub Ostapko - 'Gold nanoparticle-porphyrin conjugates. Synthesis, spectroscopy and photophysics'
* Aldona Jelińska - 'Ligand-macromolecule interaction - The secret of life'
8 April 2015
* Kinga Matula - 'Mechanoevolution of E. coli: from Gram negative toward Gram positive strain'
* Katarzyna Kryszczuk - 'Diffusion of Green Fluorescent Protein in Escherichia coli'
* Łukasz Richter - 'Ordering of bacteriophages in electric field: application for fast bacteria detection'
1 April 2015
* Artur Ruszczak - 'Microfluidics for pharmacology'
* Michał Horka - 'A microfluidic platform for long term bacteria cultivation'
* Łukasz Kozoń - 'Microdroplet platform for assays on adherent cells'
25 March 2015
* Aldona Jelińska - 'Ligand-macromolecule interaction - The secret of life...' odwołane/postponed
* Magdalena Kominiak - 'Modified carbon nanoelectrodes for voltammetric pH sensing'
18 March 2015
* Zbigniew Wróbel - 'Reactivity of alkil zinc complexes stabilized by O,N type ligands toward activation of small molecules'
* Paweł Łata - 'Modern techniques for crystal structure prediction'
11 March 2015
* Agnieszka Wojnarowicz - 'Body building and hydrolase - a short story of the carnosine dipeptide'
* Xuzhu Zhang - 'Structure transitions of Bovine Serum Albumin in surfactant solutions:
a fluorescence correlation spectroscopy study'
5 March
* Justyna Jędraszko - 'Catalysis at Room Temperature Ionic Liquid (RTIL)/water interface: H2O2 generation'
'Deposition of single catalytic spot with pipette'
* Robert Kołos - 'Evaluation of PhD seminars'
25 February
* Agnieszka Kowalska - 'Fluorescent silica nanoparticles for the determination of diffusion coefficients in HeLa cells'
* Krzysztof Sozański - 'How to break a molecular motor: A study of kinesin motion in crowded environment'
18 February
* Zofia Iskierko - 'Size matters: challenges in imprinting macromolecules'
* Krzysztof R. Kupiec - 'Palladium based catalysts supported on conducting polymer/carbon nanotubes for direct formic acid fuel cells'
4 February
* Maria Pszona - 'Behavior of single molecules in hot-spots'
* Anna Kelm - 'How to influence excited state reactions with gold-silica core-shell nanoparticles'
28 January
* Michał Leszczyński - 'Controlling size and morphology of ZnO nanocrystals by various synthetic conditions'
* Jadwiga Milkiewicz - 'Introduction to Fluorescence Up-conversion Spectroscopy'
21 January
* Dawid Kałuża - Solid-solid mediated electrocatalytic conversion'
* Piotr Krupiński - 'Cyclodextrin-crosslinkedfluorescent metallogelsfor drug transport and release studies'
14 January
* Urszula Szczepaniak - 'Cyanopolyynes: Bigger, longer, and uncut'
* Kamila Łępicka - 'Spectroelectrochemical characterization of a new redox-conducting polymer for supercapacitors'
10 December
* Natalia Masiera - 'Porphycenes on their way to become photodynamic therapy agents'
* Krzysztof Szczepański - Mobility of fluorescent probes in vivo. Introduction'
3 December
* Valerii Malyshev - 'Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Films for Recognition of Selected Biomarkers of Renal Disfunctions'
* Agnieszka Magdziarz - 'Synthesis of materials for photocatalytic oxidation processes'
19 November
* Edyta Majsterek - 'Experimental insights into the excited state electronic structure of white fluorophores'
* Paweł Lisowski - 'Highly photoactive carbonized leather skin residues for removal of water pollutants'
12 November
* Prof. Robert Kołos - 'A handful of my remarks concerning the technicalities of doctoral seminars'
* Katarzyna Winkler - 'Nanoparticles in a Capillary Trap: Dynamic Self-Assembly at Fluid Interfaces'
* Jakub Pekalski - 'Common features of amphiphilic and colloidal self-assembly'
5 November
* Opening speech by Professor Robert Holyst, Director of IPC PAS
* Matriculation of the 1st year PhD students
* Robert Kolos - 'Our International Doctoral Studies - the new rules'
* Jaroslaw Chrostowski - 'Scientific press releases - the easiest way to better science '
22 October
* Marta Siek - 'Searching for possibilities in the early diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis'
* Karolina Kubik - 'Novel Class of Organic Fluorophores with Topology'
1 October
* Joanna Dolińska - 'Why being bi is better?'
* Magdalena Kominiak - 'Automated micropatterning of bare copper nanostructures by localized electrorefining using SECM'