seminaria w poprzednich latach (przed 2014/2015)
seminaria w roku akad. 2014/2015

seminaria w roku akad 2015-2016
rok akademicki 2016/2017
19 April 2017
* Damian Giziński - 'Chemoselective flow hydrogenation of ?,ß - unsaturated aldehydes over nano-nickel'
* Emil Kowalewski - 'Catalytic purification of water from chloroorganic compounds on active carbon supported nickel catalysts'
* Magdalena Michalak - 'Electrocatalytic processes on metal nanostructures obtained by localized electrorefining. Nanoscale pH mapping.'
12 April 2017
* Justyna Matyjewicz - 'Gold nanocubes as a sensor for mercury determination in water'
* Witold Postek - 'We all go into death alone: development of a microfluidic system for robust analysis of minimal inhibitory concentration of antimicrobial agents at a single cell level'
* Piotr Krupiński - 'Self-templated nanoparticles synthesis based on cyclodextrin palladium complex'
5 April 2017
* Kinga Matuła - 'Detection of circulating tumor cells in droplet-based microfluidics'
* Katarzyna Kryszczuk - 'Non-uniform diffusion in E.coli spheroplasts as a function of DNA concentration'
* Krzysztof Bielec - 'Reaching picomolar concentration. Time of Search: Introduction to novel method'
29 March 2017
* Wojciech Marynowski - 'Non-covalent porous materials. A step closer to obtaining ion binded nets'
* Marcin Saski - 'Lead halide perovskites for photovoltaics'
22 March 2017
* Adam Opalski - 'Increasing the throughput of passive droplet production technique'
* Łukasz Kozoń - 'Equipment-free microfluidic devices'
* Magdalena Czekalska - 'Droplet microfluidics for formation of lipid bilayers'
15 March  2017
* Joanna Dolińska - 'Playing with nanoparticles: suspensions, films, gels'
* Natalia Rostkowska - 'Electrodes modified with nitrogen doped graphenes for dihydroxybenzene isomers selectivity'
1 March 2017
* Kamila Łępicka - 'Redox conducting polymers and their application for multi-composite supercapacitors'
* Patrycja Łach - 'Electrochemical label-free molecularly imprinted polymer chemosensor for determination of synephrine'
* Marta Majewska - 'Model biological membranes supported at single crystal gold electrodes'
22 February 2017
* Magdalena Szewczyk - 'The acceleration of a chemical reaction under UV light'
* Sandra Iskorościńska - 'Novel pyridinium-based macrocyclic compound - synthesis and properties studies'
* Bartłomiej Bończak - 'Gold nanoparticles modified with fullerene via conductive linker'
15 February 2017
* Jan Stępień - '3D simulation studies of metal passivation process'
* Marzena Prus - 'Time-resolved electrokinetics of nascent calcium carbonate precipitate'
8 February 2017
* Magdalena Kundys - 'Generation-collection experiments in a small rotating droplet'
* Paulina Jeleń - 'Carbon microelectrodes derived form pyrolyzed photoresist and their applications in bioelectrochemistry'
1 February
* Artur Ruszczak - 'From Microbiology to Microfluidics: Microfluidic platforms as a novel tool in biological sciences'
* Michał Horka - 'Speed of flow of non-wetting droplets in capillaries of circular cross-section'
* Natalia Pacocha - 'Droplet PCR for testing antimicrobial properties of chemerin'
18 January 2017
* Maciej Zielinski - 'Structure dynamics of nanocrystalline gold catalysts - the key to understand their activity'
*  Haijing Meng - 'High pressure study of tantalum-hydrogen system'
11 January 2017
* Pakorn Pasitsuparoad - 'When there is light: A journey of fluorophores and quenchers'
* Jadwiga Milkiewicz - 'Influence of light intensity on chemical kinetics of bimolecular photo-induced reactions'
4 January 2017
* Krzysztof Szczepański - 'Nanoviscosity and cell cycle: Possible connections'
* Xuzhu Zhang - 'Determination of the reaction kinetics between anticancer drugs and DNA by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy'
21 December 2016
* Karolina Gołębiewska - 'Development of thin films with controlled architecture. Application of Langmuir-Blodgett films of selected thiophene derivatives for surface imprinting of proteins'
* Katarzyna Bartołd - 'Prospects in genetics: molecular imprinting technology'
* Agnieszka Wojnarowicz-Huynh - 'Versatile molecular imprinting: from carnosine to picric acid - summary'
14 December 2016
* Valerii Malyshev - 'Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Films vs."Mother of Satan'
* Urszula Szczepaniak - 'Carbon-nitrogen chains of the interstellar space'
7 December 2016
* Marta Janczuk-Richter - 'Phage-based bioconjugates as a tool for fast bacteria detection'
* Łukasz Richter - 'Dense layer of bacteriophages ordered in alternating electric field as sensing element for bacteria detection'
30 November 2016
* Paweł Lisowski - 'Design, preparation and characterization of highly functional biochar-based support for TiO2: Hybrid photocatalysts against pollutants in water and air'
23 November 2016
* Natalia Masiera - 'Porphycenes as photosensitizing agents against bacteria and cancer cells'
* Natalia Pacocha - 'Droplet PCR for testing antimicrobial properties of chemerin'
9 November 2016
* Natalia Rostkowska - 'Electrooxidation of selected organic compounds at electrodes modified with nitrogen doped reduced graphene oxide. The effect of decoration with carbon nanoparticles'
2 November 2016
New students will be officially enrolled to the doctoral school of IPC PAS.
* Opening speech by Professor Marcin Opałło
* Matriculation of the 1st year PhD students
* Prof. J.C. Colmenares - the opening lecture "What do wastes, Sun and nanomaterials have in common?"
19 October 2016
* Marzena Prus - 'Electrokinetic tracking of the early stages of CaCO3 nucleation'
* Patrucja Łach - 'Molecularly imprinted polymer chemosensor for selective determination of an N-nitroso-L-proline food toxin'
* Sandra Iskorościńska - 'Supramolecular catalysis - mimicking the enzymes'
12 October 2016
*Magdalena Szewczyk - 'Hiding catalytic functions in an open space'
* Emil Kowalewski- 'Effect of nickel precursor and pretreatment conditions on activity of Ni/C in aqueous phase hydrodechlorination of trichloroethylene'
* Anna Cieślak - 'Hybrid inorganic-organic materials based on ZnO nanocrystals: Towards Emerging Technologies'
5 October 2016
* Klara Nestorowicz - 'Smog chambers in the analysis of secondary organic aerosols'
* Ilona Goszewska - 'Pd and Ni catalysts grafted on polymeric resins as innovative and effective materials in the hydrogenation of organic compounds'