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Microfluidics and Complex Fluids group is looking for
candidates for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) position in
the framework of the Marie-Curie Innovative Training Networks
(ITN) EvoDrops (813786). The objective of the project is to
develop optical and analytical methods for the detection of
biological and chemical reactions in droplets. To be eligible, a
candidate must meet mobility criteria.
Deadline 30 January 2019
see details [28/18]

Research tasks as part of the implementation of the scientific
project NCN Opus registration number 2018/29/B/ST4/00089
entitled "Surface-enhanced Raman scattering angular
directionality imaging - the development of the method and
the application in single-molecule on single nanoantenna

Deadline 31 January 2019
see details [27/18]

We offer a full-time PhD Student position within the project
"Method for quantification of internalization of chemical
and biological molecules into living cells" -
interdisciplinary studies on cellular uptake of fluorescent
probes. The goal of the project is development of a novel
quantitative and qualitative method for determination of
internalization of chemical and biological molecules into human
cells. The PhD student will be involved in interdisciplinary
activities including: advanced microscopy and spectroscopy,
cell culture (2D and 3D), molecular biology, biochemistry,
application of microfluidic solutions and data processing. We
are looking for motivated candidates who are able to work at
the edge of chemistry, biology and physics.

Deadline 13 January 2019
see details


Two full-time PhD positions available within project
"3D scaffolds with integrated multielectrode
measurement setup for cell culture and pharmaceutical

Deadline 13 January 2019
see details [25/18]


We are looking for a PhD student for the project "Single-
biomolecule optical sensors based in DNA origami",
founded from Foundation for Polish Science within the
HOMING programme. The project is realized in a collaboration
with Prof. Philip Tinnefeld from LMU Munich in Germany.

Deadline 20 January 2019
see details


Recruitment to NAWA Returns project - postdoc position.

Deadline 14 April 2019
see details [9/19]

Recruitment to TEAM TECH project - postdoc position.

Deadline 14 April 2019
see details [15/19]
Specialist position available within National Science Center POLONEZ 3 Project entitled "3D hybrid organ-on-chip (hOCP) platform for skeletal muscle tissue: a predictive in vitro model and an advanced tool for in vivo repair of skeletal muscle defects".

Deadline 18 April 2019
see details [14/19]

Engineer in the Department of Physical Chemistry of Biological Systems

(project CREATE, H2020-WIDESPREAD-2014-2)
We encourage applicants for engineer position (specialist type) in the Physical Optics and Biophotonics Group (
POB). This engineer position is a part of the CREATE project funded by the European Commission under the ERA Chair programme. The CREATE project is targeted at development of a new chair - Department of Physical Chemistry of Biological Systems - within the structure of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IPC), led by reputable world-class scientist (ERA Chair holder). The project predicts a number of measures to extend research excellency of IPC into the new field - physical chemistry inspired by biology.

Deadline 3 April 2019
see details [12/19]
Job description: studies on dynamics of nanocrystal structure induced by surface chemistry, in situ powder diffraction, phase transitions and transport phenomena in nanomaterials.

Deadline 1 March 2019
see details
Research assistant
Open competition fot the post of research assistant in the Team 27 (Department IX).
Job description: Performing measurements and analysis of experimental results using stimulated Raman scattering and microscopic Raman imaging techniques.

Deadline 5 March 2019
see details
Call for One Open MSc student position at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish  Academy  of  Sciences in Warsaw (Poland) in the frame of SONATA Bis 5 project entitled "Nanoengineering of thin layers of semiconductor photocatalysts in a microreactor environment for lignin-based model compounds valorization"

Deadline 20 March 2019
see details

MSc student positions available within National Science Center Sonata Bis 7 Project "MODULATION OF STABILITY OF VIRIONS - A FIGHT FOR AND AGAINST VIRUSES" (leader dr. Jan Paczesny).

Deadline 31 March 2019
see details