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Surface Nanoengineering group. OPUS 11 Project entitled "Spatial organization of metallic nanowires for advanced photonics" (leader dr. Joanna Niedziółka-Jönsson).

Deadline 10 September 2018
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Surface Nanoengineering group. SONATA BIS Project entitled "Ultralong metallic nanowire waveguides - a bridge between the nano- and macroworlds" (leader dr. Joanna Niedziółka-Jönsson).

Deadline 10 September 2018
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MSc student position in the frame of SONATA Bis 5 project entitled "Nanoengineering of thin layers of semiconductor photocatalysts in a microreactor environment for lignin-based model compounds valorization". Project leader: prof. Juan C. Colmenares.

Deadline 20 September 2018
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Senior Researcher (post-doc) in the Department of Physical Chemistry of Biological Systems.
The successful candidate will conduct research studies of the statistical properties of the light propagation through non-transparent or turbid media - in particular through biological systems.

deadline 19 September 2018
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A 2-year NCN funded post-doc position with a competitive salary in the Department for Complex Systems. The project deals with computational (plus partially experimental) studies of diffusion in a crowded cell-like environment. Experience in molecular simulations and/or microfluidic measurements is desirable.

deadline  31 September, decision: 15 October 2018
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Functional Polymers group. Post-doctoral scientist position within project  entitled "Designing and application of synthetic receptors for protein hormones"

deadline7 September 2018
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Ph. D. Student - Stipendist in the Group no. 22 of IPC PAS 'Charge transfer in biological systems and at the interfaces' (within the research project Sonata Bis 6 project no. DEC-2016/22/E/ST4/00446 , financed by the National Science Centre, Principal Investigator: Piotr Zarzycki, Ph. D.).
The main goal of the project proposal is molecular modeling understanding of the early stages of proteins and minerals nucleation.

The research studies in which the candidate is to participate:

The focus of this project is to develop molecular understanding of the non-classical nucleation pathways. In particular, we will focus on the most challenging, earliest stages of minerals and biomolecules nucleation (i.e., occurring via the ionic/molecular clusters or dense, liquid precursors). The candidate will carry out the molecular simulations and first-principle calculations of the minerals and peptides aggregation, nucleation and grown in the aqueous medium.

deadline 15 September 2018
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We are looking for a PhD student for the project "Single-biomolecule optical sensors based in DNA origami", founded from Foundation for Polish Science within the HOMING programme. The project is realized in a collaboration with Prof. Philip Tinnefeld from LMU Munich in Germany.

Deadline 20 January 2019
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