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Polish Press Agency (PAP) rewarded IPC PAS for its model public relations policy
The Golden Medal of Chemistry competition for the best bachelor or bachelor of engineering thesis
The main prize in the fourth edition of the "Golden Medal of Chemistry" competition - the Golden Medal of Chemistry and 10,000 PLN sponsored by the DuPont Polska was awarded to Michał Hamkało from Warsaw University. During a special meeting at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the PAS, the bachelor's degree alumni were awarded also with the Silver and the Bronze Medals of Chemistry and with four distinctions. Three additional distinctions have been awarded by DuPont.
Dream Chemistry Award - scientific award for a chemical dream project
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Adv. Funct. Mat. [IF=10,4] "Hierarchically CdS Decorated 1D ZnO Nanorods-2D Graphene Hybrids: Low Temperature Synthesis and Enhanced Photocatalytic Performance", Ch.Han, Zh.Chen, N.Zhang, J.C.Colmenares, Y.-J. Xu

Phys. Rev. Lett.
[IF=7,7] "Oscillations of the Orbital Magnetic Moment due to d-Band Quantum Well States", M. D±browski, M. Cinal et al.

Nature Chem. (IF=21.8), "Controlling intramolecular hydrogen transfer in a porphycene molecule with single atoms or molecules located nearby", T.Kumagai, F.Hanke, S.Gawinkowski, J.Sharp, K.Kotsis, J.Waluk, M.Persson, L.Grill

JACS (IF=10.7) "Bimolecular Photoinduced Electron Transfer Beyond the Diffusion Limit: The Rehm-Weller Experiment Revisited with Femtosecond Time Resolution", R.Rosspeintner, G.Angulo, E.Vauthey

Nature Comm. [IF=10] "
Electroformation of Janus and patchy capsules", Z.Rozynek, A.Mikkelsen, P.Dommersnes, J.O.Fossum al.

Phys. Rev. Lett [IF=7.7] "Emergent Long-Range Couplings in Arrays of Fluid Cells", D.B. Abraham, A. Maciołek, and O. Vasilyev

Laser Phys. Lett. [IF=7,7], "A flexible fluorescence correlation spectroscopy based method for quantification of the DNA double labeling efficiency with precision control", S.Hou, M.Tabaka, L.Sun, P.Trochimczyk, T.Kaminski, T.Kalwarczyk, X.Zhang, R.Holyst
A "Star Wars" laser bullet - this is what it really looks like
Action-packed science-fiction movies often feature colourful laser bolts. But what would a real laser missile look like during flight, if we could only make it out? How would it illuminate its surroundings? The answers lie in a film made at the Laser Centre of the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Faculty of Physics at the University of Warsaw.
Horizons of science
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Dutch chemist Dr Evan Spruijt won this year's Dream Chemistry Award. The members of the Award's Scientific Committee have in this way expressed their appreciation for a visionary project of creating artificial cells - microdroplets of water capable of autonomous growth and division. Creation of such cells in the laboratory would be an important step towards a deep understanding of physical and chemical foundations of life.
see 11th March ceremony
J.Paczesny, W.Adamkiewicz, K.Winkler and K.Sozański won a contest "Student Wynalazca" organized by Ministry of Science and Higher Education and Politechnika ¦więtokrzyska. Their invention: "Platform for SERS analysis and production method thereof" with portfolio of dependent patents and patent applications "Method for deposition of nanoparticles on solid substrates and surface covered by this method", "Method for covering solid substrates with two-dimensional network of nanoparticles and surface covered by this method" won one of five equivalent prizes. The prize is all inclusive participation in International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva combined with tour inside CERN.
The mysterious "action at a distance"
between liquid containers
The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property granted the IPC PAS patents:

- CH 703023 for the invention entitled "System and method for increasing repetition rate of laser pulses".
Inventor: Y.Stepanenko

Polish Patent Office granted the Institute patents:

- PL 217425 for the invention entitled "Porphyrin derivative, polymerized layer containing a porphyrin derivative and its use for the determination and release of nicotine" 
Inventors: Krzysztof Noworyta, Włodzimierz Kutner, Channa Wijesinghe, Francis D'Souza 

- PL 217280 for the invention entitled "Method to prepare carbon nanotubes incorporated cellulose nanocomposite and carbon nanotubes incorporated cellulose nanocomposite"
Inventors: Jacek Gregorowicz, Robert Hołyst, Anna Kelm, Beata Kusiak r

- PL 217098 for the invention entitled "Method for bonding polycarbonate panels preserving their surface micro-structure".
Inventors:  Dominika Ogończyk, Judyta Węgrzyn, Paweł Jankowski, Piotr Garstecki 

- PL 217424 for the invention entitled "Derivatives of bis(2,2'-bithienyl)methane, molecularly imprinted polymer prepared by polymerization of derivatives of bis(2,2'-bithienyl)methane and its application for selective
determination and release of adrenaline".
Inventors: Tan-Phat Huynh, Wojciech Lisowski, Włodzimierz Kutner, C.Bikram K.C., F.D'Souza

PL 67457 for the invention entitled "Pheromone trap"
Inventor: Jan Zasłona
"Valorisation of Lignocellulosic Biomass Side Streams for Sustainable Production of Chemicals,
Materials & Fuels Using Low Environmental Impact Technologies"
- COST Action FP1306 - Warsaw 27 October 2014

8th International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS 2014 is the largest in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe international event related to innovation and inventiveness. The main organizers were: the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers, Patent Office of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw University of Technology. Last editions, the IWIS was attended by the representatives from 23 Asian and European countries.
IPC PAS has been awarded two gold and two silver medals. One of this inventions has been awarded Glory Medal on The 3rd World Competition of the Chemical Invention from International Federation of Inventors' Associations, IFIA, connected to the IWIS event.
8th International Warsaw Invention Show IWIS 2014
Frontiers of Science - that's where we are
For several years, it has been known that superfluid helium housed in reservoirs located next to each other acts collectively, even when the channels connecting the reservoirs are too narrow and too long to allow for substantial flow. A new theoretical model reveals that the phenomenon of mysterious communication "at a distance" between fluid reservoirs is much more common than previously thought.
Microfluidics to accelerate cell membrane research
Life processes depend fundamentally on phenomena occurring on the membranes separating cells from their environment. Hitherto poorly understood, the mechanisms responsible for transport through the cell membrane will be able to be studied faster and more cheaply - thanks to the microfluidic system developed at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The system enables the serial formation of cell membranes and measurement of the processes taking place on them.