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   - How to take holidays (Urlop wypoczynkowy)

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How to take holidays (Urlop wypoczynkowy)

This instruction is for students who are 1/4 part-time employed by the Institute.
Another rule applies to students who are registered in MPD program or other programs.
Just consult with your supervisor about it.

Students have about 30 days for paid holiday every year.
To take holiday, fulfill this application form

Here is fulfilling examples (pdf, 47KB)

then ask your supervisor's signature and that of your department's head's.

Go to room 40 in building 9 [map]
and pass it to Ms. Małgorzata Pińkowska or Ms. Jadwiga Skrzecz.

It's a "duty" to consume all given days for one year until end of March. Otherwise, you will be treated as taking holidays since 1st of April. At the beginning of March, secretaries will prompt you to consume your holidays. Ask them and check how many paid holidays you still have.
"Chciał(a)bym {się dowiedzieć | zapytać}"
(I would like to know/ask)
"ile dni urlopu {jeszcze mi zostało? | już wykorzystałe(a)m?}"
(how many days I still have/I already consumed?)

♦ Funding for holidays (Dofinansowanie wypoczynku)

"1/4 employed" students who take continuous holidays over 10 days can apply for this funding.

Go to room 40 in building 9 [map]
ask Ms. Małgorzata Pińkowska or Ms. Jadwiga Skrzecz for detail.

Detailed information is available here (only in Polish).

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