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The topic addressed in the 9th ECHEMS Meeting is “Electrochemistry in Particles, Droplets, and Bubbles”. Its selection was motivated by a key role that (nano)particles, droplets, and bubbles play in contemporary electrochemistry – from fundamental studies to functionalization of the materials. The unique properties of nanoparticles are nowadays explored in most of our laboratories, however their role in electrochemical processes is still far from being well understood. Droplets or liquid films provide unique electrode modification with a well defined liquid|liquid interface and specific geometry of solid|liquid|liquid three phase junction. Bubbles play important role in electrode reactions with gaseous reactants and can also be explored in electrode modification procedures.

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Financial support from European Union 7.FP under grant REGPOT-CT-2011- 285949-NOBLESSE is gratefully acknowledged
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Su, 23/06/2013
Bus from the Institute to Lochow departs at 3 pm.
The lectures start at 6 pm.

We, 26/06/2013
The lectures end at 1 pm.
Bus from Lochow to the airport departs at 2 pm.

Invited Speakers

Robert Dryfe

Piotr Garstecki

Alexander Kuhn

Maurice L'Her

Michael V. Mirkin

Jingyuan Chen