The Centre carries out interdisciplinary projects in the area of photosciences, focusing on research of photoactive materials - substances that exhibit special behaviour when exposed to light. Specific research agenda includes studies of primary processes occurring as a result of interaction between light and matter: (i) photoinduced charge separation - electron and proton transfer; (ii) photodissociation and photoisomerization; (iii) conformational changes of molecules in the ground and excited electronic states.


In addition to photochemistry and spectroscopy, photophysical studies are being conducted, with links to photobiology and photomedicine. Electrochemiluminescence experiments combine photochemistry and spectroscopy with electrochemistry. Various specialized techniques are being used and developed, such as ultrafast absorption/emission spectroscopy, matrix isolation and supersonic beams, single molecule spectroscopy, polarized spectroscopy.


The research in the synthetic group of the Centre includes chiral crown ethers and cryptands, polyazamacrocycles, macropolycyclic N-oxides, calix[4]resorcinarene derivatives, isomeric porphyrins.


A separate branch of the Centre activities consists of designing, building and testing custom-designed scientific equipment, optical and spectral instruments in particular. Several unique devices have been constructed, dedicated to solve particularly demanding or uncommon spectral tasks.


The scientific output of the Centre amounts to above thirty papers per year in peer-reviewed international journals and over forty Conference communications. The publications of the Centre are quoted at a rate of about 700 per year.


Main achievements: contributions in the areas of (i) photoinduced charge transfer processes; (ii) spectral characterization of isomeric and expanded porphyrins; (iii) polarized spectroscopy; (iv) electrochemiluminescence; (v) synthetic and supramolecular chemistry; (vi) studies of astrophysically important molecules; (vii) design of novel scientific equipment.


Over 20 domestic and international grants have been obtained during the last decade.


The Centre has produced numerous Ph.D. and habilitation theses. Members of the staff have lectured at universities and research institutions in Germany, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, United States, Israel, Japan, Ukraine, and Lithuania.


Scientists from the Centre are active in editorial boards of international journals and as members of the scientific committees of prestigious conferences.


The Centre staff have often obtained individual and collective awards for their achievements and have been elected to the executive bodies of international scientific societies.