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General Managerdr Jarosław Frydel
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CHEMIPAN was founded in 1971 as one of the pioneer companies in the field of fine chemicals in Poland. CHEMIPAN operates on the market basis without donations and grants from the state institutions and without loans from banks. Investments and the current expenditures are covered from sales of the CHEMIPAN products. CHEMIPAN employs 30 persons whereby ca. 50 % are of academic degree. The headquarter and chemical laboratories are located at the Institute of Physical Chemistry while our pilot plant division in the industrial zone of Warsaw.

CHEMIPAN scales up processes that have been worked out in the laboratories of the mother institute and implements the processes into full scale plants. Besides the commercialization of products and processes from the parent institution, CHEMIPAN works out new products and processes for fine and specialty chemicals responding to the market demand. CHEMIPAN performs also custom syntheses.

CHEMIPAN production activity is also focused on chemicals for protection of environment, mostly on pheromones for pest insects in forests and orchards. Most of the pheromones are synthesized in CHEMIPAN labs based upon our own procedures. Dispensers (lures) and pheromone traps of our original design are tested in forests in the cooperation with the Research Institute for Forestry and manufactured. CHEMIPAN covers the Polish demand on pheromones for more than 40 pest species, e.g. for

  • Ips typographus,
  • Pityogenes chalcographus
  • Lymantria monacha
  • Trypodendron lineatum
  • Hylobius abietis
  • Tomicus piniperda
  • Ryacionia bouliana

Our pheromone dispensers and traps are also exported to the several European countries. It makes 20-30% of the overall sales from this particular branch. Except of standard production CHEMIPAN also develops new methods for insect pest control like mating- disruption or attract-and-kill. We search also for the new pheromone compounds against species threatening in agriculture like Leptinotarsa decemlineata or Melolontha melolontha.
Catalogue of pheromones

Dispensers for Pityogenes chalcographusTrap IBL-3 for flying beetles
Trap IBL-4 for crowling beetlesTrap IBL-2 (extended surface) for flying beetles

CHEMIPAN delivers also fine and specialty chemicals of high purity in quantities up to several hundred kilos per year. In a practice, 100 % of that production is exported to world operating and world respected companies in Europe, and Japan. Most of this chemicals are manufactured based upon processes that have been developed in our laboratories. In the case of larger demand they are manufactured in our pilot plant. Examples of chemicals manufactured:

  • stable free radicals (derivatives of 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine), the manufacture is based upon our own processes that have been patented,
  • derivatives of acetylenic acids,
  • organic acids such as 3-aminopyrazine-2-carboxylic acid and its derivatives, chromon-2-carboxylic acid and many others,
  • 2-hydroxycarbazole, the manufacture is based upon our own process that has been patented,
  • heterocycles with nitrogen atom such as azetidine, pyridine, piperidine, pyrimidine and indole derivatives.
For the complete list of our products see: products

CHEMIPAN activity is also focused on production of high purity substances, mainly analytical standards for chromatography and refractometry. Conventional analytical tools such as GC and HPLC are the basis for quality control. CHEMIPAN has also an access to all sophisticated analytical techniques such as NMR, EPR, FT-IR, etc. in the parent institutes.

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